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Whittier is a city on the far southeast of the Los Angeles County. The city was named after John Greenleaf Whittier, a Quaker poet highly respected by the residents. Among first residents of the city of Whittier were people of Quakers religious movement, who intended to form a Quaker community. Quakers is a Christian movement that originated in seventeenth century in England and unites those of evangelical, liberal and conservative understanding of Christianity. The city of Whittier became a first Quakers community in United States.

Whittier is a family friendly community oriented city with a lot to offer to its residents. The city has plenty of parks the residents can choose from. For instance, the Hellman Wilderness Park, located on the northern city border, features hiking trails of different levels of multiplicity with stunning views of Los Angeles County. Arroyo Pescadero Trail is another mountain hiking location on the eastern side of the city of Whittier. Adjacent to the Arroyo Pescadero Trail is a Friendly Hills Country Club, which features state of the art golf course and other club facilities. The Friendly Hills Country Club is a popular wedding venue and holds nearly five hundreds wedding a year.

Aside from the hiking trails and wilderness parks, the city of Whittier features numerous community parks and recreation areas with sport fields and courts, playgrounds and picnic areas. One of the most famous parks among the residents of Whittier is the Central Park. Central Park is located in the city’s downtown area and is a home to all community events. For instance, the Halloween Festival is held at the Central Park featuring rides and games for the kids, scary maze, pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving area. At the last day of the festival the competition is held to select the best carved pumpkin. The festival is sponsored by the city and local businesses and a representative from each sponsor is in the judging committee. The Whittier Criminal Defense Attorney is a proud sponsor of the event and is one of the judges on the committee.

Despite the strong sense of community, the crime rate in Whittier is considerably higher than national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of any kind of a crime are one in thirty three, which makes the crime rate in the city of Whittier higher than in seventy seven percent of cities in California. Such unfortunate statistics provide a wide range of experience to Whittier Criminal Defense Attorney. The Whittier Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand to those who need.

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