Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Our clientele’s privacy as well as everything related to maintaining confidentiality represents great value in the eyes of our company’s staff members. Conversations with lawyers are completely private, except for some particular cases specified in legislation. No data provided to us that is related to criminal defense cases is going to be passed on to any other individuals as well as organizations without a written permission. Nevertheless, it is important to demonstrate complete honesty and transparency when consulting a lawyer, since it may really help in building a strong defense strategy. A truly qualified criminal defense lawyer is going to react adequately to nearly any kind of truth you will provide him with. Honesty is crucial in lawyer-client relationship and it will deliver more benefits in the future.

All your data that our agency collects is going to be utilized in order to get in touch with our clients so as to learn the reasons those individuals wanted to consult us. Our specialists can eventually get in touch with our clients in order to share useful facts and details with them. Any client can get in touch with our representatives and inquire annihilation of any data leading to him or her. This request will be granted in full, unless any specific law or regulation says otherwise.

Since we genuinely care about our clients’ privacy and understand just how sensitive some of the provided information may be, we are not sharing any of the gathered data with the third parties, unless the law obliges us. Clients’ details, their contact information, their case files, data from court room sessions and everything related to their criminal defense cases is completely confidential and cannot be viewed by any third party representatives. In case any third party representatives may be interested in criminal defense cases we are or were dealing with, they will need to acquire a signed permission from our clients that would tell us of their consent. Furthermore, any unauthorized request that is not accompanied by any proper permission will be instantly declined.

Attorney-client relationship is completely private and does not involve any third parties, unless the case or the law demand otherwise.
Any attempts to break the lawyer-client agreement by the attorney is illegal, unless he is obliged by the law representatives and is punishable by legislation. Hence, one should understand that his or her private information and any details linking to the case are 100% safe and will not be passed on to anyone else. Therefore, do not hesitate to tell your side of the story in full honesty and let professional lawyers decide how to proceed next.

We value our clients and that is why our privacy policy focuses on confidentiality. That way you can be sure your personal info is secured and will not be shown to anyone else, unless you sign a document providing us with your full consent.
We build our attorney-client relationship on trust and therefore make sure to protect any of the provided data at all costs.