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Man Arrested For Hiding Small Cameras in a Restaurant’s Ladies’ Bathroom – Suspected of Child Porn Manufacturing

The owner of a small Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks – Bahram Javaherian (65), was recently arrested under the suspicion of child porn. The law enforcement authorities received a tip from an anonymous employee of the restaurant, who discovered that a small camera was attached under the sink in the women’s bathroom. The police confiscated the camera and managed to find hundreds of pictures on the digital device. We are talking about women and their children – girls, who are only 3-4 years old. In addition, law enforcement officers also managed to uncover the pictures of Javaherian attaching the camera under the sink.

The nearby Japanese restaurant owners and employees are shocked and even scared about what was going on across the street. They are stating that Javaherian often came to their restaurant to eat and seemed quite polite and generally nice. Goes to show that a clever disguise may easily fool just about anyone.

It is now obvious that Javaherian was manufacturing child porn in such a perverted way. But, he was recently released on bail (set at $20,000), and the police are urging anyone who has any additional information on the matter to come forward.

Unfortunately, this is not the first and probably not the last time modern technologies are used to commit such disgusting crimes. In fact, the camera was not that easy to spot – it was the size of a regular lighter.

Regrettably, law enforcement officers are encountering cases of child porn manufacturing and distribution all too often. This is because criminals are learning how to use modern technologies to their advantage. There is a rumor that the internet has a dark side to it, one that is sheltering all sorts of criminal activities – we are talking about people who enjoy watching snuff videos, where other people are suffering, child molesters, who are buying child porn and maniacs who are stalking their next victims. Unfortunately, these rumors are true and people often use the internet to distribute drugs, weapons and child pornography.

Of course, police officers are doing everything in their power to stop those criminals and their activities. Nevertheless, the offenders are much too careful and are constantly using encrypted browsers and reliable channels only.

It is imperative for any victims who were victimized by Javaherian to come forward and testify, since those testimonials will help the investigation and will help put the pervert in jail where he belongs.

Child pornography is a serious offense and one that is deemed as a felony, so it does imply time in state prison in certain cases in addition to fines, community services and registration as a sex offender. Law enforcement authorities will do everything they can to make sure that Javaherian is convicted for his illegal activities and that the victims at least know he is not walking the streets of the city.

Such cases are becoming more frequent and the tendency is quite disturbing overall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight it!

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White Collar Crimes And How To Deal With Them

The definition of White Collar Crime and the term itself was introduced back in 1930s, when it was used for the nonviolent crimes. In some cases, if a crime could not be proven as a violent one, it was automatically transformed into a White Collar crime.

In the state of California, the White Collar crimes are handle by the Federal Government, District Attorneys or local prosecutors. Nowadays, the term implies non-violent crimes that involve property or funds that were entrusted to an employee. In these days, embezzlement is the most common White Collar crime. This type of crime usually involves a person or a group of persons, who were in the position of trust. Very often these persons are bookkeepers or accountants – people, who are dealing with important paperwork or money matters.

Needless to say, White Collar crimes are no different from any other types of crime, so charged individuals are not prosecuted in a different way. Hence, their legal rights are all the same and they can be defended by the professional legal representatives. Still, it is important to understand that proving such a crime may prove to be somewhat more challenging. It requires a lot of paperwork and evidence that would really point out the person of interest. Yet, the charged individual himself may make things worse with a single statement. The statement may not be all that comprehensive at first, but it will seal the fate of the charged individual for good. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to have a qualified as well as genuinely experienced legal representative by your side in order to minimize the legal damage.

Different Kinds of Legal Punishment

Just like for any other type of crime, the punishment for White Collar crimes may vary depending on how serious it really is. However, if the crime was a severe one indeed and the federal government found a person guilty of fraud, he or she may be sentenced to spend years in prison.

A White Collar crime may be deemed as a misdemeanor or a felony. Regardless, the process of investigating the matter may take a whole lot of time, especially if we are talking about cases of fraud. This is when a good attorney could have the time to intervene and minimize the legal impact of the filed case. In addition, a good lawyer might even stop the prosecution’s office from filing the case to begin with, if you are lucky enough of course.

When the investigation is complete, the police will usually go to a judge in order to ask for a warrant. In case the judge will find all the gathered evidence substantial and that everything is in line with all the legal requirements, a warrant will be issued. Once the warrant for the arrest is served, the charged individual will be taken into custody. He or she is going to remain under arrest until they have posted bail.

Once the charged individual has posted bail and therefore has been released, the court is going to schedule the date of the arraignment. This is a special court hearing, when the defendant is going to get a detailed and comprehensive information on all the available evidence against him or her and why the official charges were set by the court. After everything has been explained, the court will provide the charged individual with a possibility to enter a guilty or not guilty plea. In case the individual have decided to plead not guilty, the process will continue to the next stage. In addition, the amount of bail is going to be discussed during the arraignment as well.

The Court Process

When the arraignment is over, in case the defendant was charged with a felony, the judge is going to set the case for an early deposition court or a preliminary hearing. However, in case the defendant was charged with a misdemeanor, the judge is going to set it on pre-trial and thus the process of discovery will start.

In case of a felony, during the preliminary hearing that will be set within 10 days after the arraignment, the judge is going to review all the available evidence in order to determine if there is enough evidence and probable cause to determine that an actual crime took place. In addition, the judge will also determine if there is enough evidence pointing out that namely the given individual could commit the above-mentioned crime.

Should the judge decide there is enough probable cause for all the charges, the case will proceed to the felony arraignment. This one will be scheduled within 10 days after the preliminary hearing. During this arraignment, the defendant is going to be provided with a more extensive explication of the felony charges and his or her rights. Then he or she is going to once again have the option of pleading guilty or not guilty. The amount of bail will be discussed once more and the date of trial will be set within 60 days.

The following court appearance is referred to as a pre-trial conference. This is when the judge, the prosecution and the defense meet up together in order to discuss the case. The process of discovery and further plea negotiations take place then as well and at this point the case may be resolved. Of course, for that to happen you will need to have an outstanding legal representation indeed. On the other hand, in most cases the case will move forward.

Finally, the defendant will have the right for a trial by the jury. These are 12 different people who will need to decide if the defendant is guilty or not. In case the jury could not come to a unanimous decision, the judge will determine the case to be hung, and at his discretion may either decide to retry the case or dismiss it. In case the jury unanimously found the defendant guilty, he or she will be sentenced to prison and should they vote that the defendant is innocent, he or she will be freed and the case closed.

More information about white collar crimes is available at

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Ways To Fight Unlawful Police Search And Seizure How-To Guide Released By Eisner Gorin LLP

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Firm, Eisner Gorin LLP, has published a new video how-to guide dedicated to helping criminal offenders dismiss the charges due to unlawful search and seizure by law enforcement. This guide will also have information useful to anybody facing the challenge of fighting criminal charges in court.This most recent how-to video guide from Eisner Gorin LLP contains precise and detailed steps and instructions, designed to be used by people who were arrested and unlawfully searched and others who need it, helping them dismiss the charges due to unlawful search and seizure, as quickly, easily and with as little stress as possible.

Eisner Gorin LLP states that this accessible, easy to follow video guide provides all of the information necessary to fully understand the whole situation, to get the results they want.

The Full Video How-To Guide Covers: experienced criminal defense – how to win your case in court and receive a solid protection from prosecution – how to dismiss your case before the court based on unlawful search and seizure Amendment 4 protection – how to use Amendment 4 to avoid jail and possibly dismiss the case completely

When asked for more information about the guide, the reasons behind creating a guide on how to fight unlawful police searches and seizures and what they hope to accomplish with it, Alan Eisner, Attorney at Law and partner of Eisner Gorin LLP said: “All the citizens of this country should be free of all unreasonable searches and seizures. Use this how to guide for your own defense, and a key to dismiss your warrants or criminal charges. Amendment 4 guarantees that your protection will not be violated. And if it has been violated, the motions in court should be made to suppress all the evidence that came from illegal police conduct.”

Criminal offenders and anybody interested in how to fight unlawful police searches and seizures are invited to review the video how-to guide online.

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Different Kinds Of On-Campus Sexual Assault Charges And Ways To Deal With It

College years are some of the most memorable years in just about any person’s entire lifetime. This is due to a large number of reasons. After all, college is not only about the education and studying. In fact, there is a whole lot of partying going on there, a lot of fun, a whole lot of alcohol indeed.

With that said, the official statistical date clearly indicates a significant rise in the sexual assault charges on-campus. Well, these charges are very hard to prove and, to be entirely honest, even more difficult to prosecute. After all, colleges are rarely equipped to handle the matter.

During the party a lot of boys and girls really enjoy drinking alcohol. Drunken sex is also nothing new, but on the morning after there are tons of regrets and some people tend to believe that they were simply used due to their drunken condition. Still, proving it may turn out to be very challenging. First of all, the prosecution will need to determine whether or not there was mutual consent, were their any witnesses and just how reliable these witnesses are and, most importantly, who will need to lead the investigation on-campus.

Sexual violence as well as sexual harassment represent forms of sex discrimination. These are covered by the Title IX. The law is specifically designed to protect students from sexual harassment as well as sexual violence on campus. According to this law, in case the educational institution is made aware of a case of sexual harassment or violence, it will need to investigate any and all allegations and conduct all the necessary work in order to handle the matter on-campus so as to protect its students.

In addition, do not forget that the rape charges in California are divided into three main categories and very much are based on the age of the assaulted victim and whether or not the victim and the offender were blood related. Hence, the three main rape charges include the following:

  • Date rape. This is when the offender rapes an acquaintance or a friend without his or her consent.
  • Spousal rape. This is when a spouse sexually penetrates his other half without any consent.
  • Statutory rape. This is when the offender has consensual sex with a person, who is under 18 years of age. However, in the state of California there is a defense rule – if the offender and the victim only have a 3 years difference or less in age, the crime will be considered as a misdemeanor instead of felony. An investigation will need to be conducted though in order to establish all the details.

In some cases, violent rape crimes are punishable with up to 8 years in prison. It also falls under the three strikes law of California. In addition, you will need to register as a sex offender and this may have an absolutely detrimental impact on your day to day living. One way or the other, it is apparent that you will need to work with a professional and experience defense attorney in order to handle the legal situation.

Regardless of the college or school’s authorities’ actions, it is pretty much impossible to fully prevent cases of sexual harassment and violence from happening. Still, at times, the supposed offender is actually a victim of the false allegations. In truth, it is very difficult, nearly impossible to establish whether or not the report was actually a false one. According to some statistics, up to 10 percent of all on-campus rape allegations are false, but it does not necessarily mean that all of them are lying. On the contrary, some victims are actually pressured into withdrawing their statements, others are bribed and some still find a way to tell about the rape later one.

False allegations at times are considered to be somewhat of a gray are. After all, at times, the victims are simply confused, have no clear memory due to alcohol intoxication or are simply crying for attention. Nevertheless, even though the punishment for rape is very serious, the punishment for false accusations is also something that is very serious.

In case you or your loved one were falsely accused, it is very important, crucial even, to take those accusations very seriously. After all, they may have an absolutely detrimental impact on your life – they may end your career, have you paying enormous fined and even ending up in prison. Regardless of how ridiculous those accusations may be, it is important to take action against them.

First of all, you will need to hire a professional, experience as well as genuinely qualified attorney, who had to deal with cases like this before. Do not forget that you will need to stay as far away from the accuser as possible. Make sure that any communication is only in text form and do not contact the person via social networks. It is important to have a third party present at any meetings and remember – everything you say may be used against you in court. Control your emotions and find reliable witnesses who will help you prove your point in court. A good lawyer will be able to guide you through the whole process effectively in order to deliver the best results possible, which is exactly what you need in cases like this.

If you or someone you know were arrested and charged with a Sex Crime, Eisner & Gorin LLP will help. We recommend to contact a Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney immediately to evaluate your case.

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Dmitry Gorin Reveals Details of Lana Clarkson Case on Court TV

If there is one thing that people are counting on when going to a lawyer’s office, it is without a doubt the fact that the attorney-client relationship is going to be private and confidential indeed. That is right – lawyers always ask you to be honest with them and all of the things that you say are considered to be completely confidential.

With that said, it is all confusing as well as somewhat irregular to say the least to find out that Sarah Caplan – one of Phil Spector’s lawyers actually testified against former client during the motion hearings. This fact is not only irregular – it really stands out and it is somewhat difficult to form an objective opinion on the matter. People view this fact very differently and there is a lot of controversy around Caplan’s actions.

One way or the other, even though Sarah Caplan testified earlier, she refused to testify on the very same matter before the jury and there is a lot of speculating going on about it. It is important to understand that the case is becoming more and more complicated, especially seeing how Caplan was a part of the law firm that was working for Spector – the very same team that Spector fired and is now suing.

Clearing the matter is quite challenging and not as straightforward as a lot of people would like it to be. However, Dmitry Gorin – a former prosecutor, who is now a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, tried to comment that fact and explained that seeing how the new evidence arisen in this case, it was clear and entirely obvious that Caplan would be risking to ruin her entire career by testifying for the jury.

See, yet another person appears to be interested in clearing things up a bit. We are, of course, talking about Zvonko “Bill” Pavelic. He is a retired LAPD officer and he is claiming that prosecutorial misconduct took place in this particular case. In fact, Pvelic was working with the Shapiro team and is not calling Caplan a liar, who is doing her best to ruin the reputation of Dr. Lee. Pavelic has photos with a retired LA Sheriff’s detective, Stanley White and Sarah Caplan. They are both in the foyer area of Spector’s house, at the death scene. The photos were taken on February 4, 2007. However, Caplan testified that White was not there, in the foyer area. The photos were already given to Spector’s defense team.

criminal lawyer Dmitry Gorin considers that Caplan decided to go against the court’s orders to testify, because this new evidence would make her a witness and in these conditions it would not only ruin her reputation as an attorney – it could make things even more difficult for her in general. One way or the other, the Spector’s case is becoming very much similar to the O.J.’s and we all know how it turned out in the end.

Getting back to Caplan’s decision to testify at first, it is safe to say that she was pretty certain that her testimony will be decisive and, unless the above-mentioned evidence had not been identified, who knows how the case would go in the end.

According to Los Angeles criminal lawyer Dmitry Gorin, who has plenty of experience in this field and talks from a very knowledgeable perspective, Caplan would not testify even if she were really pressured, since her actions and wrongdoings already led to a fiasco and she is swiftly losing her good reputation, which is without a doubt the worst that could ever happen to an attorney.

The situation is a very challenging one and difficult to comment upon, but, despite the missing crucial piece of evidence as well as Caplan’s words, it is clear that the case will end up similarly to the O.J. Simpson’s. The prosecution is already doing its best to prosecute Spector and Caplan could be an invaluable witness. But now that she is not testifying, the future of this case is somewhat unclear and unpredictable. The Spector case could turn out to be a grand fiasco for both the prosecution and Caplan herself.

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Siri Was “Taught” To Respond To Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault Inquiries

No doubt, Apple’s Siri – the iOS version of artificial intelligence, is offering the users a one of a kind experience. Siri is capable of answering a large number of questions and inquiries, it is designed to provide all the aid in simple as well as effective form, so the users will not have any trouble looking for the things they require on the net. Still, even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence is only as good as its creators design it to be.

With that said, until recently, Siri was unable to provide any kind of response to the confessions of victims or rape or domestic abuse. The Jama Internal Medicine study clearly demonstrated that Siri, along with all the other virtual assistants available on the modern market, does not understand the very notion of rape. Hence, consequently, the Apple company has made a decision to help Siri comprehend the definition of rape and domestic abuse. Alongside RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) Apple made sure that Siri is going to offer a link to the National Sexual Assault Hotline relay whenever a person is ready to share information on rape or domestic abuse.

Siri Is Now Ready To Take Action

When it came down to questions related to sexual assault or user’s confessions that involved domestic abuse and rape, Siri, just like all the other virtual helpers, including Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s S Voice and Google now, were completely lost and could not offer any relevant information. For instance, in case the user would say that he or she is having a heart attack, the applications would provide them with a comprehensive list of nearby hospitals. Yet, if the user was telling Siri that he or she was raped, the app was answering that it could not understand the inquiry and will search the web for answers. Unfortunately, even the web search was very vague and would not provide the user with something useful, aside from the rape victim stories and testimonials.

The specialists from RAINN were fascinated with all the possibilities that Siri was offering. They helped Apple make some crucial tweaks and, most importantly, discussed the issue of softening the language that Siri was using. Hence, in case the user will tell Siri that he or she is a rape victim, Siri will respond with “You may want to reach out to someone” instead of “You should reach out to someone”/ Softened language may provide the tiniest bit of comfort, which is crucial for the rape victims, who are in desperate need for support and there is no need to push them towards something. In addition, such a softened language may even prove to be quite beneficial in helping the rape victims to move on towards getting assistance.

It also turns out that Google Now was already working on making sure their virtual helper could provide adequate answers on rape victims’ confessions and inquiries. This was even before the Jama Internal Medicine study came out. Samsung, on the other hand, also indicated that the company is working on such a study in order to enhance their virtual helper’s ability to deal with the rape victims’ questions.

New Option Made To Save Lives

The study demonstrates that depression, rape, suicide as well as domestic violence are very real problems that are quite widely spread, but not that well recognized. People are often resorting from asking for help, due to the fear of being misunderstood, humiliated or even because they fear retaliation. Therefore, in case the virtual helpers could be of any use to those people, it is very important, crucial even, to make sure that their answers are soft, gentle and yet precise, accurate as well as useful and beneficial.

Of course, it is just as crucial to make sure that the virtual assistant is being constantly updated, making all the necessary changes to how it reacts to various inquiries. It is even more vital, seeing how much the people these days are relying on all sorts of technological advancements. After all, most of us are trying to determine what is wrong with our health online prior to actually visiting a doctor. Same is with rape and domestic abuse – plenty of people, especially younger individuals, will turn to Siri first, because they are confused and just do not know what to do. They will feel a whole lot more comfortable telling Siri about their problem and it makes for a very good first step.

Time Matters In Every Crime And Siri Is Ready To Improve It

Domestic violence crimes are when two people who are in close family relationship, are in an aggressive physical contact. In case people are married, living together or even simply dating and one of them is hurting another, it is also considered a domestic abuse. While rape and murder also can be considered domestic violence crimes, even lesser things, such as slapping or causing one to fall down, are just as applicable for violent domestic abuse crimes.

In most cases, the judges will issue special Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO). Although you will have an opportunity to respond to all the claims against you, you will need to follow every single aspect of the DVRO until the hearing. A restraining order will have a number of consequences, which include not being able to contact the victim, not being able to go to certain places or do certain things, having to move from your house, not being able to see your children, not being able to carry a weapon (and if you have one, you will need to turn it in or sell it), being deported from the country (if you have the immigration status) and so on.

Seeing how domestic violence charges could lead to prison sentence as well as a larger variety of issues, it is only natural that you will need solid as well as genuinely reputable legal representation. If you wish to get a minimized sentence or would like to prove your innocence, it is imperative to have a qualified lawyer by your side all the time. Call us 24/7 at (855) 858-2755

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Inforgraphic – States That Are Genuinely Dangerous To Reside In

Were you aware that, according to the official statistical data, back in 2009, for every one hundred thousand people in US there were more than four hundred violent crimes, which include murders as well as over three thousand property crimes. Although it may not sound that harsh, you will be surprised that the majority of crimes are concentrated in certain states, which basically means that some of the states are far more dangerous than others. Now, it does not necessarily mean that every person in this state is a criminal, but living in those states actually increases the risk to be robbed or assaulted – becoming a victim of some crime is a whole lot easier.

With that said, here is some official statistical data that perhaps will make you wonder. In case you are planning to move and are considering your options, maybe this information will help you make an informed decision in line with all of the gathered facts. Here are the states that are most dangerous to reside in:

Inforgraphic-States genuinely dangerous to reside in

Bail Hearing And How a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

criminal defense lawyer Los AngelesIf you were charged with a felony, in most cases you are going to be taken to custody and will have to wait for the trial in a special holding facility. However, prior to the trial itself, a bail hearing will take place to determine whether or not the person is eligible for bailout. And if a person is in fact eligible for bail, during the hearing the amount of bail is going to be set.

With that said, during the bail hearing, the judge is going to consider two main factors that will determine whether or not a person will receive bail. The risk of flight and the danger to the society. It is important to understand that the prosecutor is going to do everything in his power to make sure that the bail is set high or that there is no bail at all. This is one of the many reasons why it is crucial to select right Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, who know how the law works and who will know how to deal with the situation properly. After all, without all the professional skills and expertise you will not be able to handle the matter on your own.

Still, how do the above-mentioned factors affect the hearing? Well, the first one – risk of flight implies that a person may attempt to run after being released on bail. However, a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can assure the judge and the prosecution that a person will not run, since he or she has strong bounds to the local community, a dependable job, all family members nearby and that he or she is an active member of society in general. In order for you to better understand how it works let use review a simple example:

Let us say that the judge is hesitant to set bail to James. Nevertheless, the James’ lawyer is offering plenty of evidence that James has no reasons to run. He was living in the state for his entire life. All of his friends and loved ones are there. He has a good job and he is one of the most active members of the community thus far. On the other hand, Jill, who has no loved ones in the state, who was unemployed for quite a while and who rarely left the house, is much more likely to run, so the judge will not want to set bail for her.

Second factor, danger to society, implies that a person may prove to be dangerous for other people after being released on bail. For instance, a person who committed identity theft is less likely to pose any physical threat to others, whereas a person, who has committed a murder, is not eligible for bail for he or she may be very dangerous and could cause further problems.

One way or the other, it is good to have a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who will help you during the bail hearing with everything he can.

Is It an Advantage For a Criminal Attorney To Be Familiar With Courts?

criminal defense attorney Los AngelesLos Angeles criminal defense lawyers, the best option in your criminal drunk driving charges. There is no doubt, DUI charges can have a lasting as well as a genuinely detrimental impact on your day to day living. Think about all the money that you will need to spend on fines, court fees, mandatory alcohol awareness programs. Think about hundreds of hours that you will need to spend performing unpaid community service. Do not forget that you can lose your driving privileges for a very long time and even if you will get to keep them, chances are, you will have to acquire expensive SR22 insurance and an ignition interlock device may be installed inside your vehicle in order to prevent similar accidents from ever occurring in the future.

With that said, regardless of whether it is your first time DUI offense, a misdemeanor one or a genuine felony, the very first thing that you will want to do is going to be getting in touch with a qualified legal representative. Once you are in custody, you will get a ton of flyers with various law firms’ ads on them. See, those law firms have other agencies working for them and these agencies will let them know once you are in custody so you will get plenty of advertisement.

Of course, this is how the law firms make their money, but do not let them fool you with colorful ads and bright slogans. In order to get the very best results, you will need to find an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, who had to deal with cases like this before and who will know exactly how to approach the court.

So just how important is it for the lawyer to know the particular court, particular judge and particular prosecutor? After all, the law is the same for everyone, is it not? Of course it is and even if the attorney knows a judge or a prosecutor, this does not automatically make them friends and on the same page. Still, knowing how a particular court functions could be extremely beneficial for the attorney.

See, despite a very common opinion, most cases do not even go to trial – they are largely settled before that. Thing is – it is important to take the best offer and to get the best deal you can. Some Los Angeles criminal attorneys, who already had to deal with particular courts, will know exactly what the offer is going to be before even stepping inside.

This gives them a great advantage, since they can figure out how to make this offer even better beforehand. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to hire an attorney, who knows the particular court and who will have the skills and the expertise to help you or your loved ones. DUI cases can be rather difficult one way or the other and so it is very important to have a qualified as well as genuinely experienced legal representative by your side, especially if you are hoping for a much more positive outcome.

How Serious Is To Injure a Person While Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

criminal-lawyer Los AngelesIn order for you to be driving under the influence of alcohol, your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) will need to surpass the .08% limit. If it is higher than this number and you also injured a person during the DUI accident, there are plenty of risks that you will be charged with a felony. In fact, injury is a very extensive notion. Even a bruise could be deemed as an injury, let alone some serious traumas, such as broken bones or head injuries. Drivers, who are operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol, risk injuring plenty of people. We are talking about other drivers, their passengers and even the pedestrians.

Discover how to develop a better defense strategy to fight felony charges here:

Needless to say, the law enforcement authorities are not all too forgiving when it comes to DUI offenders. After all, the official statistical data clearly demonstrates that more and more people are injured or even killed in the DUI accidents. Hence, in case a person injured another individual while driving under the influence of alcohol, he or she risks facing felony DUI charges.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that a DUI crime with bodily injuries is basically a wobblier. This means that, depending on the circumstances, the crime can be deemed as a misdemeanor or a felony. Some factors that could have an impact on the final verdict are the extent of the injuries, the offender’s previous criminal records, county and state where the crime took place and so on.

When it comes to the penalties for DUI with bodily injuries, the law enforcement authorities are very harsh. We are talking about huge fines – thousands upon thousands of dollars. In addition, do not forget about being obliged to attend a DUI school for several years. The school will need to be approved by the court and you will have to pay for its services on your own. In addition, you will lose your driving privileges for several years, which is also a huge problem, especially seeing how it is nearly impossible to imagine your day to day living without a car.

One way or the other, DUI criminal records, especially the ones that involve bodily injuries, are going to leave a stain for certain. After all, you risk losing your job, since very few employers will tolerate DUI offenders among their staff members. It will be a problem to get a loan from the bank, since DUI offenders do not have privileges and are not eligible to fine conditions.

In the end, in case you or your loved ones were charged with DUI with bodily injuries, it is important not to lose any time and to get in contact with a qualified as well as highly skillful Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. Only a good lawyer will be able to do his best in order to minimize the sentence at the very least. If you are lucky, he may even get the case dismissed.