Case Results

Successful Case Results

criminal defense lawyersOur top criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Dmitry Gorin, are doing their best to get the best possible results for our clients. We sit down with our clients face-to-face, and we listen carefully to all the details from the beginning to the end. This is essential to develop a solid strategy that will work.

Some of our clients do not have enough money to pay an expensive lawyer. With decades of our criminal defense experience, we are able to create a hard-hitting defense strategy that is affordable and effective. If you or your loved one been arrested and charged with a crime, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will be able to craft an effective defense strategy to protect your rights. Dmitry Gorin, a former Los Angeles prosecutor, is now fighting in your defense.

We Get Real Results

Please take your time and go over some of our real courtroom results from just the last year of aggressive work and pre-filing intervention. We have criminal defense success weekly on behalf of clients facing different criminal charges.

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Robbery Acquittal – Los Angeles Superior Court, LAX

Our client was charged with multiple counts of robbery with a weapon. All charges were dismissed due to lack of corroborative evidence after a five-day jury trial.

Assault & Battery – San Fernando Superior Court

Our client was charged with battery and assault in a family dispute. The case was successfully dismissed after only four-day jury trial.

Drug Transportation – Central Federal Court

Our client was charged with drug transportation and resale. The Judge suppressed the contraband, resulting the dismissal of the entire case.

7 Felony Counts – Van Nuys Superior Court

Our client was charged with multiple strikes facing over 30 years in prison. Pled no contest to one non-strike offense – to be out in 9 months after pleas.

Child Abuse – Burbank Court

Our client was arrested and accused of child abuse by his troubled daughter. All charges were dismissed and client released from custody.

Domestic Violence Case – Van Nuys Superior Court

Our client was charged with spousal battery against his ex-wife and probation violation. We negotiated the case successfully and all charges were dismissed.

DUI – San Fernando Superior Court

Our client was arrested and charged with Driving Under The Influence (DUI). We challenged the legality of the traffic stop and case was dismissed at pretrial motion.

Child Molestation – Sylmar Juvenile court

Our client was accused of child molestation by younger cousin. After immediate intervention with LAPD, the case was rejected by prosecutor.

Assault & Robbery – Pasadena Superior Court

Our client was arrested and charged with assault and robbery. Our own investigation was presented and the case was dismissed before trial.

1st Time DUI – Newhall Court

Our client was arrested with .10 blood alcohol level. Pled no contest to reckless driving with the complete dismissal of all other alcohol charges

3-Strike Case – Pasadena Superior Court

Our client was charged in a Three strikes with robbery and assault facing a life in prison. But was free of criminal charges after a five day jury trial.

Probation for Embezzlement – LA Superior Court

Our client was charged with embezzlement for over $200,000 dollars from her employer. We reduced a sentence to probation with restitution requirement.

Rape – Los Angeles Superior Court

Our client was accused of date rape by intoxication. After immediate intervention with detective, the case was rejected by district attorney.

Illegal Marijuana Possession – Malibu Court

Our client was stopped for speeding, with the suspicion of DUI and illegal drugs inside the vehicle. Pled no contest to infraction and other charges were dismissed.

Juvenile Weapons Possession – Sylmar Juvenile Court

Our client was arrested in high school for knife-like object found in the car. We responded immediately with client testimonial  and the case was not filed.