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West Covina is a rather large city in the east of Los Angeles County located about twenty miles away from the Downtown. The city of West Covina is a family friendly community oriented city that offers wide range of activities from outdoor fun to city night life.

The city of West Covina is a home to numerous parks and recreation. For instance, the residents can take advantage of the Galster Park, which is located in the southern part of the city. The Galster Park offers hiking trails with stunning views of the entire Los Angeles County.

However, if the residents are not in the mood for hiking, they can always relax and have a picnic in the shade at a Shadow Oak Park or play a game of tennis, soccer, or basketball at the Cortez Park or watch a game at the Big League Dreams. West Covina is also a home to South Hills Country Club, which is a popular wedding destination among the residents of the Los Angeles County. South Hills Country Club features state of the art golf course and fine dining.

West Covina also offers an exciting city life which is mostly centered on the Plaza West Covina. The Plaza West Covina is a shopping mall with over two hundred stores of all brands and prices, movie theater and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, when alcohol is involved there will be trouble and since the drinks are served in all these restaurants and bars, some legal mishaps are very frequent. However, if the residents find themselves in trouble with law, they know to turn to West Covina Criminal Defense Lawyer for help.

Sadly, the crime rate in the city of West Covina is significantly higher then national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of either a property or violent crime are one in thirty, which makes the crime rate in West Covina higher than in seventy seven percent of cities in California. Statistically, property crimes are more frequent than violent crimes. For instance, the chances of having your car stolen in West Covina are almost ten times higher than becoming a victim of an armed robbery. These unpleasant statistics provide wide range of experience for West Covina Criminal Defense Lawyer. West Covina Criminal Defense Lawyer is always ready to help you through your legal turmoil and will make sure your rights are not violated in the process.