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Walnut is an upper middle class suburban city in the east of Los Angeles County. The city’s name originates from its Mexican name Rancho Los Nogales, which translates into Ranch Walnut Tree. The city lays on San Jose Hills the natural habitat of the California black walnut, hence, the name of the city.

The city of Walnut is a family friendly community oriented city with wide variety activities available for the residents. The city features numerous parks with all kinds of outdoor activities. For instance, Creekside Park offers trails for biking and hiking and plenty of green area for picnics. Walnut Ranch Park is another great location for family fun. The park features basketball and tennis courts along with picnic tables and barbecue area.

However, the most favorite spot among the residents of Walnut is the Suzanne Park. The Suzanne Park is a fourteen acre park with basketball and tennis courts, playground and picnic area. Suzanne Park host famous Annual Walnut Family Festival. The Festival starts off with a parade featuring floats from local youth clubs and organizations in the morning and as the day goes by, the Festival moves to the Suzanne Park for rides and games, food booth and life music. Since, the Walnut Family Festival held in October, it also features a pumpkin patch and a scary maze.

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The strong sense of community helps keep the city’s crime rate slightly lower than national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of any kind of crime are one in fifty nine, which makes Walnut safer then approximately seventy percent of cities in California. Statistically, property crimes happen more often than violent. The chances of, say, having your car stolen or having your house broken into in the city of Walnut are one in two hundred, in comparison with becoming a victim of armed robbery, the chances of which are one in almost eight hundred.

Even though, the city of Walnut is considered to be a safe neighborhood, Walnut Criminal Defense Attorney has his hands full all year long. Walnut Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand to those who need it.