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Los Angeles Three Strikes Attorneys

three strikesThree strikes law can make an offender go to prison for a very long time if arrested for three similar offenses within curtain amount of time. If a person committed two serious or violent crimes, spent his time in prison and gets himself caught while committing the third similar one, chances are, he will be prosecuted according to the Los Angeles three strikes law and will return behind bars for 25+ years to life. It also applies for non-violent crimes depending on a different circumstances.

The three strikes law is a relatively recent regulation and it works differently in every state. For example, the state of California takes the law very seriously and in case a criminal is prosecuted for violating the three strikes law, he might be sentenced for life in prison. However, this can easily create absurd situations, since in California even some milder misdemeanors are often considered as serious or violent crimes.

Three Strikes Law Puts You Out From 25+ Years To Life in Prison Here Is What You Need To Understand:

It is important to understand that being prosecuted three times for violating the same penal code will make you a Three Strike Law offender and it can change one’s life in a very negative way. It might also be a serious situation if the offender is caught in the State of California for stealing candy or a slice of pizza. Three strike law is a very serious offense and you should act accordingly to avoid spending life in prison. Our Los Angeles three strikes attorney specialist is ready to help anyone who is in danger of being prosecuted for three strikes law. We provide a free face to face consultation at (855) 858-2755 to get all the details and create a proper defense tactic right from the beginning.

What Kind Of Crimes Are Fall Under Three Strike Law?

Usually it is most violent offenses that are fall under three strike law. The most common include:

What Was The Reason Three Strikes Law Was Created?

Although the Los Angeles three strikes law was already functioning in New York by the end of the 19th century, the judges back then were not obliged to apply it and could select an appropriate sentence according to their own views and opinions. Only by the end of the 20th century the three strikes law was officially put to vote in most states and the majority have decided that this regulation is a necessary one and it will reduce the crime rate significantly. Although some people were quite skeptic about the law and argued about its practical application, it is hard to say that it had no positive effect whatsoever. Despite the fact that the law did not lower the crime rates as it was initially expected, it still affected the justice system in whole and not always in a good way.

Seeing how every state is free to decide how to apply the three strikes law within its borders, some people get locked up for life for absolutely absurd misdemeanors that just happened to be their third supposed crime committed after being released from prison. It is a known fact that the three strikes law does not function just as it was intended and yet at times it delivers efficient results, making people fear committing any crimes because of the unhappy perspective of getting back to the prison cell, this time for life. This is why it is important to consult with an experienced Los Angeles three strikes lawyer and begin crafting your defense as soon as possible.

Can Smaller Crimes Fall Under Three Strikes Law?

As we already mentioned, the Los Angeles three strikes law is taken very seriously by the Justice System in California, so people risk getting a life sentence in prison for very mild or insignificant crimes that are considered serious or violent by the authorities. There are known cases when individuals were arrested and charged with the three strikes law violation because they were stealing cookies, pizza or golf equipment. Those people faced Three Strikes offense and were prosecuted accordingly.

Indeed, this demonstrates just how tough the legal system in some states really is. The original idea of three strike law was created to stop people from committing other crimes by using fear of being locked up for life. Most judges and prosecutors in California are always more than eager to make an example out of those who violate the three strikes law and that is the reason why so many people end up in prison for life based on the minor crimes that did not harm anyone and yet were deemed as violent or serious.

Why Only An Aggressive Los Angeles Three Strikes Lawyer Understands The Kind Of Defense You Need To Avoid Life In Prison?

Considering all of the above-mentioned information, it is difficult not to despair when being convicted in line with the three strikes law. Nevertheless, even though the prosecutors and the judge will most likely do their best in order to take the offender out of the streets for a while, it is still possible to confront three strikes law charges and fight them to either lessen the charges to a different crime and escape being charged with a three strikes offense or dismiss it completely.

However, it is only possible if you hire truly experienced as well as aggressive Los Angeles three strikes attorneys, who will know exactly what to do in cases as such. Only truly qualified Los Angeles three strikes lawyers have the knowledge and the skills to handle a three strikes case and only a real expert will be able to prove that the crime committed cannot be considered either serious or violent. Hence, only a good defense strategy will keep you away from the prison cell, so hiring a professional Los Angeles three strikes attorney is certainly worth every penny.

If you are about to face the criminal court due to the violation of the three strikes law, we recommend you to get in touch with a skillful Los Angeles threes trikes lawyer, who is known for handling three strikes law cases for years. Together with Los Angeles experienced attorney, it is possible to prove that the committed crimes cannot be as serious to be considered violent and correspond to a three strikes law.