Temple City Criminal Attorney

Temple City Criminal Defense Attorneys

Temple City is a family friendly community oriented city in Los Angeles County. The city originated in early nineteen hundreds and was built so average people could afford to own homes there. Now days, the city is still an affordable place to live with wide variety of activities and events for the residents.

Temple City is most famous for the Camellia Festival that was first held in mid nineteen hundreds. The festival is three day event that starts with a parade. The parade features handmade floats decorated with flowers. The commercial floats are not permitted in the parade, all floats have to be constructed by recognizes youth organizations and hand made by youngsters. The following two days of the festival feature rides, games and picnic all manned by the local businesses and the youth organizations. The youth organizations also hold the Art Show, where the most notable art works by the city’s young residents are featured.

The festival has an important mission to engage as many young residents as possible in the youth organizations and clubs, which helps keep Temple City youth away from streets and trouble. In fact, this little trick has helped the city a lot in terms of lowering and controlling criminal activity in Temple City. The crime rate in Temple City is below the national average. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent or property crime are one in sixty seven, which make crime rate in Temple City lower than in about eighty percent of communities in California.

The Camellia Festival is not the only community event. The city also hosts the Parish Fiesta, which is another three day festival that features rides, game and food booths and life music. The Parish Fiesta is sponsored by the city and local businesses. Almost a hundred volunteers work at the festival each year.

Temple City Park is the most favorite destination of the residents of the Temple City. The Temple Park is a home to the Camellia Festival, the Parish Fiesta, Sizzlin’ Summer Concert series, California Cruisin’ an expo of classic cars and many other fun community events. Even with such a strong sense of community and prevention programs, people still make mistakes from time to time. However, the residents have nothing to worry about, because Temple City Criminal Defense Lawyer is always at their service.

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