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stalking lawyerIf you are charged with stalking someone, it is crucial to get in touch with a qualified Los Angeles stalking lawyer specialist, who has the necessary expertise and skills to craft a solid defense strategy. If the prosecution intends to convict a person for stalking, they will have to gather reliable evidence that would indicate that you yourself for many time followed or harassed another individual. Furthermore, they may need to prove that you threatened that person verbally or in writing or via electronic devices and was intending to frighten the individual.

Generally speaking, stalking people usually does not have any actual purpose. The individual harasses another in order to torment, terrorize or annoy him or her. All the threats are meant to make the person fear you and this threat may be made directly or via certain behavior patterns. Good examples may be – plenty of phone calls, letters or emails, repeatedly and purposefully “running into” someone, giving unwanted presents to the person and gathering tons of info regarding his or her personal life.

Legal Penalties For Stalking

The legal penalties for stalking may vary and usually depend on other circumstances that are surrounding the crime. Stalking offense can be a misdemeanor or a felony. In case you are charged with a misdemeanor stalking crime, you will likely have to spend up to a year in jail and pay up to $1000 in fines. However, if it is a felony stalking crime, you will probably be spending up to 5 years in prison and will also need to pay up to $1000 in fines.

In addition, depending on the circumstances of the crime, you may also receive a restraining order and will need to be registered as a sex offender. Some victims of stalking may also be victims of assault, domestic violence, rape or even murder, which is why the punishment is much more severe.

Even though such cases are very rare, some people may be convicted for stalking on a federal scale. The federal laws include certain regulations when it comes to “interstate stalking”. It is a federal felony to stalk a person from one state to another or to do so on any military base. Once more, the prosecution must gather enough evidence to convict the person. Such a crime may be punishable with up to 5 years in prison and up to $250 000 in fines. For more information about stalking charges, contact our professional Los Angeles stalking lawyer today. Have you been accused of stalking? Contact our lawyers now!

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