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Is Domestic Violence a Serious Offense?

Domestic violence considered to be one of the most serious offenses in Los Angeles. However it may happen in any relationship. The worst thing is that it affects the entire family, including children. Domestic violence or home abuse is a very complicated crime to defend and there are only a limited amount of legal experts who know how to properly manage a situation like this. Oftentimes lot’s of details are overlooked and some evidence is not taken in the consideration. It is easy to hide most of the crime evidence by the time police arrives, this is why law enforcement takes it more seriously and cautious.

Domestic violence can either be psychological or physical type. Abusive relationships will usually lead to a deep fear and psychological traumas to the entire family. There is no one on this earth who deserves to live in fear, so if there is a battle inside a family which is normal in our society, making the right decision would be asking for a family counseling as soon as possible. However, if domestic violence charges have been filed already, you always have to consider looking at the both parties to solve the case properly. One cannot be guilty of everything and police usually does not take it in the consideration. Consult with one of criminal defense experts who has over 40 years of experience working on cases like this at (855) 858-2755. Domestic violence is a felony, and only a skilled Los Angeles domestic violence attorney can defend you properly.

What Are The Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction?

Being charged with a domestic violence in Los Angeles will have lots of negative consequences on the criminal record as well as on the person’s future living. Since most of the time it has to do with a spousal abuse, the situation when someone involved in a relationships tries to dominate and control the other person by force against the will, other charges such as a rape might follow as well. It can occur in all ranges of ethics, ages, backgrounds and economic levels.

Lots of women in our society file domestic violence charges against their husbands just for having a verbal fight. And then after everything settles they try to drop all charges by changing their stories and stating nothing serious was happening at that time. Unfortunately if the polices arrives and designate one as the aggressor, he or she will be arrested and charged with a Los Angeles domestic violence offense without any possibility of dropping accusations.

State of California is very strict about domestic abuse cases and as soon as police files a report it is up to a State to handle the case. Any testimonies of the spouse that tries to change the story and say the person did not do it will not be taken consideration anymore. And if the charge is not handled the right way right from the beginning, that person might end up in prison for a long time. This is why it is essential to contact a criminal expert who has years of experience handling cases as such.

Domestic Violence Accusations And Charges In Los Angeles, CA

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Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dropped?

Domestic violence charge is a serious criminal offense and charges cannot be dropped even if the other party tries to change the story. There are numerous cases when a person comes to the lawyer and says he didn’t do it or the person is willing to change the whole story. Unfortunately it is impossible at the point when the arrest report is officially filed and the identified aggressor will certainly require special legal help. There are various circumstances when the couple reconciles, still the prosecutors continue to pursue criminal charges against the abuser. This is when only a specialist who has decades of experience can help with issues such as losing kids custody and prevent jail sentencing. The prosecutor is not on any domestic partner’s side, so he will do his best to make the identified aggressor guilty of crime he or she was involved in.

The State of California itself stands against the aggressor and files charges (PENAL CODE SECTION 13700-13702). That means if you have been accused of domestic battery, harassment, stalking or perhaps any other forms of domestic violence, you need a skilled and aggressive Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer who already has enough experience in handling these sort of cases. Opting for experienced Los angeles domestic violence attorneys is also demanded if you are looking to avoid a restraining order. Only a Los Angeles domestic violence legal specialist who has all the knowledge in this certain field and gathered enough experience can help you to get your life together and live a normal life. Call (855) 858-2755 to receive a FREE consultation.

Domestic Violence Penalties In California

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Why You Need A Qualified Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer On Your Side?

domestic violenceJust like victims of violence come from all possible parts of the population, potential aggressors can be of any sex, race, age or educational level as well. It absolutely makes no difference if the person is poor or rich, employed or unemployed, the law is the same for everyone and any potential suspect of Los Angeles domestic violence offense may end up in jail cell.

An experienced domestic violence lawyer can do everything is his power to defend your right. Meaning there is always a two sides of each story which police and prosecutor do not want to take in consideration. You might be a good person though all these years and fear or anxiety took place and you made a mistake which will never happen again. It all depends on how you present it to the judge, it all depends on how you present it t the jury. They need to hear your side and they need to take your story in consideration as well to make a fair verdict.

Call for your free face to face initial consultation and choose a qualified domestic violence attorney who will double your chances of winning the case or lessen your charges. Experienced Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers will always stand by your side and will let you know all the details of your case prior to the hearing. If you were accused of domestic violence you will need to act immediately. Skilled Los Angeles domestic violence attorneys will be able to keep you away from losing custody of your kids and will do everything in their power to keep you out of jail.