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South Pasadena is a suburban city in Los Angeles County. The city of South Pasadena was one of the first cities to become a part of Los Angeles County. South Pasadena started off as a part of city of Pasadena, however, in late eighteen hundreds residents have voted to become a separate city in order to gain more control over the city’s life.

The city of South Pasadena is a family friendly community oriented city with plenty of parks and recreations for its residents. Arroyo Seco Park is one of the most popular parks among the residents of South Pasadena. The Arroyo Seco Park is divided into three sections: upper, center and lower portions. The upper portion of the park is a home to South Pasadena Little League and American Youth Soccer Organization and host annual sports games. The residents take turns coaching the Little League and South Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney just had a successful year being a soccer coach for the kids. The South Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney understands the importance of community and the power of sport education in helping keep children away from the street.

The center portion of the Arroyo Seco Park features plenty of open space, picnic tables and barbecues and a playground. This portion of the park hosts the South Pasadena Annual Neighborhood Picnic. The picnic is held by the city with help from local businesses. Together with his family and office stuff South Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney sponsors and volunteers at the event. The picnic features rides and games for the kids, life music and wide variety of food.

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Despite the strong sense of community and hard work the members of community put in, the crime rate in South Pasadena is still considerably higher than national average. The chances of becoming a victim of any crime are one in forty three, which make the crime rate in South Pasadena higher than in fifty one percent of cities in California. Such statistics provide wide range of experience for South Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney. Be it a DUI, assault, burglary or any other criminal charge South Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to extend his experiences helping hand.