Los Angeles Solicitation of a Minor Attorney

Los Angeles Solicitation of a Minor Attorneys

Solicitation of a MinorLos Angeles solicitation of a minor attorney – individuals, who were charged with online solicitation of minors, in most cases end up as genuine outcasts of the society. Being arrested in line with solicitation of minor’s charges, may put the individual at a high risk of property damages or violent behavior.

Defining solicitation of a minor

In line with the Penal Code, solicitation implies:

  • Exchanging inappropriate online messages that are meant to sexually satisfy or arouse the other individual
  • Attempting to set up a meeting with an individual for sexual purposes

The Penal Code also implies that an individual could be charged and prosecuted for solicitation of a minor, who is 17 years old or younger, even if the arranged meeting did not occur. People, who are charged with this type of crime, must not hesitate and get in touch with a Los Angeles solicitation of a minor attorney.

Possible legal punishment

Being convicted for solicitation of a minor may lead to some severe legal consequences:

  • Any solicitation conviction can be classified as felony, meaning that penalty could imply up to 2 years in a correctional facility as well as high fines of up to $10 000.
  • An individual with multiple convictions could be punished in accordance with a third-degree felony, which implies up to 10 years in a correctional facility as well as heavy fines of up to $10 000.
  • Individuals, who were charged and convicted for solicitation of a minor in most cases, will be registered as sex offenders. This record could have a very negative impact on one’s day to day living. Getting decent employment and even finding a place to rent is difficult for people with sex offenses on their records.

Defense Against Solicitation Charges

Seeing that the legal punishment for solicitation of a minor are very harsh and can result in more serious consequences, it is crucial for anyone, who was accused of this crime to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced attorney at the earliest opportunity. The lawyer will be able to browse through the case, examine all the available evidence and eventually will come up with a decent defense strategy.

Some people are just unlucky enough to find themselves at the wrong place and at the wrong time, others are just fooling around and do not mean anything by their actions. Hence, if that is the case, it is very important to reap all the advantages of a lawyer consultation, during which the Los Angeles solicitation of a minor lawyer will be able to discover more facts about the case and will try to provide you with all the available legal options at once. This is the very best way to deal with the solicitation of minor charges and one must never hesitate to use it. If you need a professional Los Angeles solicitation of a minor lawyer, contact our law offices today.

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