Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorney

Signal Hill is a city within a city of Long Beach in Los Angeles County. The area now known as the city of Signal Hill was once populated by Tongva Native Americans and believed to be named after its Native American name. The city’s tale has it that the natives were using the hill to signal the fire, because on a clear day one can see the entire Los Angeles Basin from this hill including Catalina Island.

The Signal Hill is a community oriented city and features numerous parks. Although Signal Hill is a small town it is a home to three large and six pocket parks. The largest and most famous is the Hilltop Park. The Hilltop Park features a stunning panoramic view of the city and most of the Los Angeles County. Reservoir Park is another large park in Signal Hill. The park features picnic tables around men made lake. The Reservoir Park is a home to the Signal Hill Annual Neighborhood Picnic hosted by the city and local businesses. The residents of the Signal Hill understand the power of community and attend the picnic every year. Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorney is a strong believer in the community and one of the sponsors of the Annual Neighborhood Picnic. Together with his family and office stuff the Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorney volunteer at the event helping on the rides and with games and food.

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Even though the city of Signal Hill has a strong since of community the crime rate is still very high. In fact, Signal Hill has one of the highest crime rates in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of either property or violent crime are on in nineteen, which is higher than in ninety five percent of cities in California. Such unfortunate statistics provide wide variety of experience to Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorney, which, in turn, can be beneficial to the residents of the city. Be it a DUI, assault, battery, theft or any other criminal charge, Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to extend his helping hand to those in need. Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorney will help you out or your legal trouble with minimal loss.