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Sierra Madre is beautiful mountain community located at foothill of San Gabriel Mountain in Los Angele County. The territory that is now known as Sierra Madre belonged to Tongva Native American tribe since approximately five hundred A.D. The community of Sierra Madre itself was formed in late nineteen century around the Sierra Madre Villa Hotel.

Now days, Sierra Madre is a family friendly and community oriented city that has a lot to offer to its residents. Sierra Madre is a home to many hiking trails with stunning views, some of them were made a historical landmark, for instance, “The Lizzie’s Trail” along with a few different debris basins. Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park is one of the most popular parks among the residents. The park features picnic areas, hiking trails and native plants.

Sierra Madre known to the residents of the Los Angeles County for several significant community events, such “Star Spangled Weekend” and Wisteria Festival. The “Stars Spangled Weekend” is a three day festival that is held on the Independence Day Weekend. The festival features the water-filled squirt gun tournament, life music, food and game booths and fireworks at night. The city of Sierra Madre is also known as a Wisteria City due to holding of a Guinness Record of a largest flowering plant. To celebrate its one acre vine the city host an Annual Wisteria Festival, which is one day a year the vine can be viewed.

While the city of Sierra Madre is a beautiful place to live in, it is also one of the safest cities in Los Angeles County. The crime rate in Sierra Madre is considerably lower than national average for United States. The chances of becoming a victim of either property or violent crime is one in seventy six, which makes Sierra Madre safer then eighty six percent of cities in California. Even with such positive statistics, there are still a need for Sierra Madre Criminal Defense Lawyer often enough. Be it a DUI, assault, battery or any other criminal charge, Sierra Madre Criminal Defense Lawyer is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand.