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Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles County. The city is a good example of an edge city, a rapidly growing, but still suburban city. Santa Clarita is a family friendly community oriented city with rich history, beautiful grounds and everything one might need. The city of Santa Clarita has it all.

The area now known as the city of Santa Clarita was populated by Tataviam Native American tribe for at least two thousand years before the arrival of settlers. Once the city was settled and incorporated it became the original back lot of Hollywood.

However, the great disaster had changed city’s life for many years to come. Just before midnight of March 12, 1928 the St. Francis Dam collapsed taking away lives of nearly six hundred people and damaging big part of the town. The collapse of St. Francis Dam is a second largest disaster in California’s history in terms of the number of lost lives. It took nearly a decade to recover from such a terrible catastrophe.

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Now days, the city of Santa Clarita is thriving as never before. The city is often associated with the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, which is located right on the city’s border. The Six Flags Magic Mountain is famous as a theme park with extreme rides and holds the world record for its number of roller coasters. The Six Flags Magic Mountain is visited by millions of people each year and ranks as a fifth in attendance among themed parks in United States.

Even though, the Six Flags Magic Mountain Park brings large numbers of tourists the city manages to maintain the crime rate that is near the national average for United States, making Santa Clarita safer than seventy one percent of other communities in California. The chances of becoming a victim of any kind of crime in Santa Clarita are one in sixty, which is considerably lower than in many cities in Los Angeles County.

However, people make mistakes and residents of Santa Clarita are not an exception. If you got carried away having fun in Six Flags and now find yourself in an unpleasant situation of facing criminal charges, do not hesitate to call Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney. Be it a DUI, assault, battery or any other criminal charge, Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand.