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San Fernando is a small city in the northwest of Los Angeles County. The majority of population in San Fernando is of Hispanic decent, which highly influences city’s day to day life and architecture.

San Fernando is a family friendly, community oriented city with wide variety of activities available for its residents. The city has a few parks that offer different activities. For instance, San Fernando Regional Pool Facility features a community pool along with summer camps and swimming lessons for kids. The Pioneer Park offers a playground, soccer and baseball field and tennis courts. The Pioneer Park also offers summer and winter sport camps for the kids along with everyday training in soccer and baseball.

Las Palmas Park is one of the most favorite places of the residents. The park features a large playground for kids, plenty of space for family picnic and outdoor exercise equipment. The Las Palmas Park is also a home to all city’s major events, such as Halloween Faire, featuring a maze, rides and games for the kids and a pumpkin patch, an Annual Neighborhood Picnic, an event sponsored by local businesses featuring rides and games for the kids and variety of picnic food. The Annual Neighborhood Picnic is a great event for the residents, it helps them to get to know each other and socialize. San Fernando Criminal Defense Attorney is one of the sponsors for this event and thinks it helps to keep everyone together and out of trouble for at least one day.

Overall, the city of San Fernando is considered a safe city. The crime rate in San Fernando is about average for all cities in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of any crime are one in forty nine, which is lower than in fifty eight percent of cities in California. However, the mishaps still happen and residents get in trouble with the law from time to time. The residents of city of San Fernando know to turn to San Fernando Criminal Defense Attorney for help with their criminal charges.