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San Dimas is a family friendly and community oriented city located at foothill of San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County. The city has it all the rich history, wide variety of family oriented outdoor activities, entertainment and fine dining. The area of the city of San Dimas was populated by Tongva Native Americans for at least eight thousand years. In early eighteen hundreds the area was settled and developed into an agricultural community mainly growing oranges.

Now days, San Dimas is a thriving city with wide variety of activities available to its residents. San Dimas is a home to the biggest aquatic parks in California the Raging Waters Aquatic Park. The Raging Waters Park features some of the most extreme water rides and slides in Los Angeles County. The park is highly popular during the summer among the residents of Los Angeles County.

Aside from the Raging Water Park, the city of San Dimas features numerous hiking trails, golf courses, community parks and recreations. San Dimas is home to Frank G Bonelli Regional Park and Puddingstone Reservoir. The Bonelli Regional Park offers a wide open space for picnics, hiking, bike and horseback riding. The San Dimas Canyon Park is another option for outdoor activities. The Canyon Park features shaded serene hiking trails and an animal sanctuary.

Also, aside from large wilderness parks mentioned above, San Dimas features city parks, such Marchant Park, Lone Hill Park and Pioneer Park that offer a good selection of sports activities and training for the kids. These parks also offer themed summer and winter camp programs for the children.

The crime rate in San Dimas is significantly higher then national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime are one in forty three, which makes the crime rate in the city of San Dimas higher than in fifty percent of communities in California. Statistically, property crimes are more frequent then violent crimes in the city of San Dimas. For instance, the chances of becoming a victim of motor vehicle or any other kind of theft, larceny or burglary in San Dimas are one in forty sever, in comparison, the chances of becoming a victim of aggravated assault or armed robbery are one in fife hundred.

Such unfortunate statistics provide a wide range of experience to San Dimas Criminal Defense Lawyer, who is there to help day and night. Be it a DUI, an assault, theft or any other criminal charge, San Dimas Criminal Defense Lawyer is always ready to extend his experienced hand to those in trouble with law.