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Rosemead is a mid size town in Los Angeles County with rich history and thriving present life. The city got its name from one of its settlers Leonard John Rose, who purchased the land and called it “Rose’s Meadow” in mid eighteen hundreds. The name was shortened to Rosemead as the time went by. At that time the area of the city was a peaceful community with small truck, rabbits and chicken farms. Once the settlers started moving in, they have adopted the living and joined in on raising fruits and vegetables.

The city’s quiet, small town ambiance changed dramatically in late nineteen’s with the change of demographics. Large numbers of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants started moving in the city and opening ethnic stores and restaurants. Now days, Rosemead is mostly populated by Asian Americans and know to be a home to one of the largest Asian communities in Los Angeles County.

Such demographics greatly influence the city’s culture and day to day life. Rosemead holds some the best and most authentic Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants in the County. The city embraces its Asian culture and helps small businesses to thrive, as a consequence, the city is filled with small “mom’s and pap’s” ethnic shops and diners.

Rosemead is a family friendly, community oriented city. The city has two community centers that offer evening adult classes including English lessons for new immigrants and senior citizens. Rosemead is also a home to numerous parks that provide soccer, baseball and tennis training for children along with fun summer and winter camp options. To honor its Asian culture the city and local businesses sponsor the celebration of Chinese New Year and a few other ethical celebrations.

Rosemead Criminal Lawyer Defense In The Rosemead, CA Area

Even with such a strong sense of community, Rosemead is a crime infested city. Sadly, the crime rate in Rosemead is considerably higher than national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in forty four, which makes the city’s crime rate higher than forty nine percent of communities in California. Such unfortunate statistics provide a wide range of experience to Rosemead Criminal Defense Attorney, which, in turn, can be beneficial to some of the Rosemead residents. Rosemead Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand to those who need.