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rape crime attorneyLos Angeles rape defense attorney – due to the fact that rape is considered a “register sex offense”, if you were charged with this crime and were eventually found guilty, you will be obliged to register as a sex offender. The overall effects of being registered as a sex offender may be absolutely detrimental and will definitely have a very negative impact on one’s day to day living. The individual will be unable to find a decent job or get better education. Furthermore, the offender will be obliged to live far from schools or playgrounds and his or her personal files will be available for any individual from his or her neighborhood.

If you were accused of rape, only a qualified experienced Los Angeles rape defense lawyer will be able to help. The prosecution and the judge may even consider that the offense is serious enough for it to go to a federal court. Therefore, it is very important to hire a professional lawyer early on in order to prevent the case from going this far and to help to get out of this situation with minimal damages.

Rape Charges And Legal Punishment

The definition of rape includes sexual intercourse with an individual, who was unable to give consent or did not want to give consent in the first place. Rape could be induced through threats, force, violence or sexual intercourse with an individual who is unconscious, intoxicated or drugged, being unable to give definitive consent.

If a minor is found guilty of rape, he or she may be facing up to 8 years in prison. Furthermore, if it was an aggravated rape that was committed against a younger minor or if it caused actual physical injuries, the penalties will be even more severe and long-lasting.

Get In Touch With a Rape Defense Lawyer To Have a Positive Outcome In Your Case

If you were charged with rape, timing is absolutely crucial and you will need to contact a professional and experienced Los Angeles rape defense lawyer at the earliest opportunity. He will provide you with all the necessary information and will help you come up with a solid defense strategy. Such a lawyer should have the necessary skills, expertise and previous experience in this type of cases. This will ensure that your child get adequate legal representation as well as proper legal defense. If you need a rape crime lawyer, call us immediately!

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