Failure To Report To Probation Officer

Failure To Report To Probation Officer

If you will break the terms and conditions of your probation, you are going to commit probation violation, which is in fact a serious crime. Legal penalties for violating probation may vary in line with how serious your violation was whether or not you have managed to violate the terms of probation in the past and are there any circumstances that may worsen or lessen the seriousness of the penalty. One way or the other, probation violation may lead to some severe penalties, including extended probation, fines and even jail time.

Violating Terms And Conditions Of Probation

The laws that regulate probation violation differ from state to state. Overall, violation takes place in case you refuse, avoid, ignore or break the rules of probation that were imposed by the court. In most cases, probation lasts for up to three years, but can be extended in certain situations.

There are many ways to violate probation. Failing to meet with your probation officer is one of them. The court will assign a special probation officer to you. He will have to make sure that you comply with all the terms and conditions of probation and do not break the rules. You will need to meet with your officer at a certain time and if you will fail to do so, it may be considered a violation of probation.

Probation revocation

Offenders, who have committed a probation violation risk having their probation revoked by the court. This may occur in case a probation officer will discover that the offender is not complying with the rules of probation. The officer will report this to court and can demand to revoke your probation.

Get in touch with a lawyer

If you or your loved ones were accused of a probation violation, it is important not to lose any time and to contact a qualified experienced defense attorney. Probation revocation hearings are different from the standard criminal trials, so it is vital to have a skillful legal representative, who had to deal with such cases before, by your side. Probation revocation can have a very negative effect on your day to day living; after all, you could be facing jail time, which is the worst sentence for you. That is why you should work with a defense attorney, who will devote all of his time to assist you.

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