Failure To Perform Community Service

Failure To Perform Community Service

If you were convicted of committing a crime, you may be facing legal penalties, including incarceration and fines. Yet, in some cases, the court may order a probation. This means that the court allows you to serve your sentence outside of the correctional institution, but you will be obliged to follow certain rules and strict recommendations. In case you are going to violate any of the imposed terms, you will automatically commit probation violation.

Court Imposed Probation

In case the court imposes probation, you will be allowed to remain free from prison cell and will not have to serve your sentence in jail. Probation is also a penalty and any person, who was sentenced to probation will be oblige to serve his probation while complying with every single rules imposed by the court.

Community Service

Community service is often a part of probation. The court may order you to perform certain tasks during certain number of hours as a volunteer, doing certain work for the community.

What Happens If Probation Is Violated?

In reality, there are no specific regulations that would dictate what will happen right after probation violation. In fact, the probation officer will have to decide whether to let you go on a warning or to make you appear in court for the hearing. The decision largely depends on how serious your violation was, what kind of previous violations you may have committed as well as other factors. If you fail to report to probation officer, your probation officer may suggest jail time for you.

At the probation hearing, the judge will review your case in order to determine if you have actually violated your probation. The prosecution, on the other hand, will need to prove that you actually violated the terms of your probation. The judge will take into consideration how serious your violation was, previous violations and other aggravating factors.

If you were found guilty of violating probation terms, the court may extend your probation period, add some more terms to it or revoke your probation whatsoever, so you will be obliged to serve your sentence in full. In case you face a probation violation hearing because you failed to perform community service, do not hesitate to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced defense attorney at the earliest opportunity to deal with the issue properly. If you did not perform your community service on time, call the Law Office of Criminal Defense Specialists now!

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