Failure To Pay Restitution

Failure To Pay Restitution

If you are going to fail to pay the restitution that was ordered by the court, you are going to automatically violate the contract between you and the District Attorney’s office. In case you were taken in to custody, it implies that you should remain behind bars until the case is closed. In case you were arrested, but not put behind bars, the D.A. is probably implying that you should be more serious about this case. In most cases, people get arrested if they did not pay at all, made only partial payments or were late with their payment.

Revoking Probation

If you did not pay the restitution, District Attorney will have every right to revoke your probation. Whether your probation will be revoked or not is up to the court. In this case, you will be facing very severe penalties, including a long time behind bars. There are certain exceptions, but the judge will be obliged to subtract the time that you spent behind bars already as well as the money you paid from the penalties.

In many cases, your probation officer will be present at the hearing. He or she will testify regarding your payments as well as social changes in your life. In case the judge will be notified that there is little to no progress in your life, you may also be facing some serious legal penalties.

Dealing With Restitution Non-Payment Issues

If you wish to deal with the legal consequences of restitution non-payment properly, you will first need to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A qualified attorney will try to come up with a settlement that would satisfy the victim and the court. In case he will succeed, the D.A. will drop all charges and the case will be closed.

If you are working with your lawyer on your case, it is important to ask the judge for three things, including release from incarceration, light penalties or no penalties at all for your probation violation as well as a court order that will allow you to stop making restitution payments. Of course, it is a time of unstable economic climate and it all may hit you hard; however, you will be avoiding even more serious consequences. One way or the other, a good attorney is a key to winning the case so make sure you hire one ASAP. If you failed to pay your court fees on time, contact us now!

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