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Pomona is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County. The city was named after an ancient Roman goddess of fruit and was a “Queen of the Citrus Belt” in early nineteen hundreds. Now days, Pomona is a thriving city with wide variety of activities available for the residents.

The city of Pomona is famous to the entire Los Angeles County as a home to Los Angeles County Fair. The Los Angeles County Fair is held in Fairplex in September and visited by millions of people each year. The Fair features a wide variety of activities including life music, rides and games, cultural exhibits, little shops and good choice of all kinds of food.

However, the Fairplex is not only famous for hosting the Los Angeles County Fair, but also for many more other festivals, sport games and concerts. For instance, Fairplex is a home to the Classic Car Show, Oktoberfest, a Red Bull Straight Rhythm, Best of the Best Karate Tournament, Pomona Swap Meet, the Color Run just to name a few.

Legal Representation By a Pomona Criminal Defense Attorney Specialist

Fairplex is one of the major attractions of Pomona and bring a lot of tourists to the city. While it is good for local businesses, it reflects badly on Pomona’s crime rate. Unfortunately, Pomona is known to have a crime rate significantly higher than nation average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of any kind of crime in Pomona are one in twenty eight, which is higher than in eighty two percent of cities in California.

Statistically, property crimes, such as arson, larceny, motor vehicle theft and burglary, are more frequent then violent crimes, such as armed robbery, aggravated assault or murder. For instance, the chances of becoming a victim of, say, larceny is one in thirty three, when chances of becoming a victim of armed robbery is one in one hundred and eighty. Such unfortunate statistics provide wide variety of experience to Pomona Criminal Defense Lawyer, which can be of benefit to residents of the city. Pomona Criminal Defense Lawyer is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand to anyone in legal turmoil.

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