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Pasadena is one of the most famous cities in Los Angeles County, located at the foothill of San Gabriel Mountains. Pasadena was the first city, after Los Angeles itself, to become incorporated, which makes the city of Pasadena the oldest town in the county. Through the years the city had its economical and criminal ups and downs, which helped to build city’s unique character.

Now days, Pasadena is a thriving city with wide variety of activities to offer to its residents. The city features wide variety of communal event, parks and recreations, fine dining options and fun bars and night clubs.

The city of Pasadena is world famous for the Tournament of Roses Parade, held each first day of a new year since eighteen ninety. The Tournament of Roses Parade is a beautiful celebration of a paradise the California is and traditionally features elaborate floats covered in flowers and leaves. The Tournament of Roses Parade is known to gather people from all over the United States to either volunteer in decorating the floats or to simply watch the parade on January 1. Residents love this celebration and have a priority in signing up as volunteers to help decorate the floats. In fact, many families, schools, clubs and businesses make it an annual event and feel that it is a very important communal event and helps greatly to bring people together. Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer and his family and office stuff are among the volunteers every year.

On all other days of the year, when the residents are not busy helping with floats they take advantage of Pasadena’s many beautiful parks. For instance, Pasadena is a home to Hahamongna Watershed Park, which features world’s first disc golf course, hiking and horseback riding trails with stunning views. Other numerous city parks offer tennis, baseball and soccer training, picnic areas and playgrounds.

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Old Town Pasadena is a place to be for night life fun. Old Town is known to have wide variety of fine dining options, bars with life music and night clubs. Of course, alcohol is served in all of these places. Sadly, the involvement of alcohol means legal trouble to many people. Alcohol is known to be a common denominator in DUI, assaults and battery cases. However, the residents have nothing to worry about. The Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer is always at their service and ready to help though the legal turmoil.