Palmdale Criminal Defense Attorney

Palmdale is a city in Los Angeles County on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains. The city started off as a village settled by travelers of German and Swiss descent in late nineteen hundreds. The city’s tale has it that the travelers were heading toward the ocean and were told to look for palm trees as a sign of being near the water. However, the travelers did not know how the palm tree looked and mistakenly took the Joshua Tree for a palm.

Now days, the city of Palmdale is one of the biggest and densely populated cities in Los Angeles County. The city of Palmdale is one of not many charter cities, which means the city has its own government system, defined by city’s own grant of authority. This gives the city of Palmdale a certain level of autonomy, which reflects greatly on city’s day to day life.

Palmdale is a family friendly and community oriented city. The city offers wide variety of activities to its residents. For instance, the city has numerous parks and hiking trails available to the residents. Most of the parks and recreations offer playgrounds and sport courts, such as tennis, baseball, basketball and soccer fields. Palmdale is a home to the Dry Town Water Park, which is a fun place for family leisure time. The water park offers exciting slides and a big pool.

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The city of Palmdale has thriving night life as well. There is a wide variety of fine dining options and fun bars and lounges. The residents can enjoy a karaoke night at The Trap, or life music at the Yard House. Of course, alcohol is served in all these places. Unfortunately, where there is alcohol there is trouble. Alcohol is known to cause elevation of aggression and impair judgment, so the residents, after having a little too much fun, get behind the wheel, or get into a bar fight. However, the residents of Palmdale have nothing to worry about. In an unpleasant situation, when they are facing criminal charges, the residents know to turn to Palmdale Criminal Defense Attorney, who is always there to help.

The crime rate in Palmdale is significantly higher than national average. The chances of becoming a victim of any crime are one in thirty eight. However, property crimes happen more often in Palmdale then violent crimes. These statistics provide wide variety of experience to the Palmdale Criminal Defense Attorney, so he can provide qualified help to the residents.