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Norwalk is a family friendly community oriented city in Los Angeles County. The city offers wide variety of activities and opportunities to its residents. The seventy percent of the population in Norwalk contained of Latino or Hispanic of any race. These demographics greatly influence city’s day to day life.

Norwalk is a green city and features numerous parks and recreation areas for the residents to unwind and relax. The importance of fresh air and unity with nature is understood and highly popular among the residents of Norwalk. With that in mind, the city provides wide variety of park and picnic areas. The city hosts Annual Neighborhood Picnic every summer, which is sponsored by the local businesses and features rides and games for the kids, plenty of picnic food and opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney takes part in the annual picnic as well. Both as a sponsor and the resident of the city, the Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney together with his family understands a power of community and never misses such events.

However, outdoor activities do not stop at picnics. Sports games, city tournaments and little league games are what the city is famous for. For instance, the city wide Annual Tennis Open is a tournament between the local tennis players ages eighteen and older. Little league soccer games are a seasonal event and highly popular among all residents. The little league games are held in Norwalk Park and usually followed by a Big Family Picnic which is open for all community members and guests.

Night life is thriving in Norwalk as well ranging from fine dining and open air classical music concerts to bars with life rock bands and lounges. Of course, the alcohol is served in all these places. Unfortunately, when there is alcohol, there is trouble. Alcohol is known to heighten aggression levels and impairing judgment. Sadly, the residents of Norwalk sometimes get behind the wheel after a fun night at the bar, or sometimes, get into bar fights. However, they know to turn to Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney for help when they are facing criminal charges. Be it a DUI, assault, battery or any other criminal charge the Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to offer his experienced help.

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