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MurderLos Angeles murder attorney – taking one’s life is the most violent crime and the most serious felony that a criminal could be charged with. In the vast majority of cases, being charged with a murder will automatically cancel all the hearings and will take the case to the actual criminal court for the bench or a jury trial.

Therefore, timing is absolutely crucial and you will need to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced Los Angeles murder lawyer to prevent from harsh penalties. You will need to act fast and discuss the case with a lawyer so as to provide your son or daughter with a real chance to avoid the most severe penalties or to have the case possibly dismissed. Besides, the harshest punishment can be turned into a lesser one – treatment or rehabilitation, not incarceration.

Murder Crime – Treating Minors As Adults

If your son or daughter is being treated just like an adult in line with the murder charges, he or she will automatically be facing severe penalties, such as life in prison that is meant for the adults. Sure enough, this penalty is absolutely horrifying for any minor.

An experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney will be well aware of all the benefits of a juvenile court and therefore will do his very best in order to make sure that the case will not go to the adult court. Nevertheless, in some cases, this option will be unattainable, so the attorney will have to focus on defending your son or daughter in the adult criminal court. The lawyer will talk to all the witnesses; go through all the available evidence, including police reports and test results, DNA samples and so on. The Los Angeles murder attorney will conduct his very own investigation in order to get to the bottom of the case.

Murder Defense Attorney Will Do Everything In His Power To Lessen The Charges Or Possibly Dismiss The Case

In most cases, being charged with a first degree murder for an adult individual could lead to life incarceration without any parole options or even a death penalty. A criminal who was charged with a murder, could be facing life in prison. A good attorney will have a few defense strategies that he will be able to use: false accusations, self defense, defense of others, factual innocence or constitutional rights violation.

If you are facing such severe charges, it is very important to hire a genuine professional rather than a public attorney, who has his hands full with other cases. A hired lawyer will focus on providing you with adequate assistance and all the necessary help. Therefore, if you need to get your child out of such situation with minimal legal damage, do not hesitate to get your free consultation with a professional Los Angeles murder lawyer as soon as it is possible. You will be able to make an informed decision in line with the consultation’s outcome.

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