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Monterey Park is a community oriented and family friendly city in Los Angeles County which rich history and a lot to offer to its residents. The city’s moto is “Pride in the past, Faith in the future”. The city truly has a rich history to be proud of. The history of the territory now known as Monterey Park goes back to at least seven thousand years ago, when the area was populated by Tongva Native Americans. Among some of the most notable residents of this city was Laura Scudder, who in early nineteen hundreds invented a first sealed bag for potato chips, which was made out of wax paper and was sealed with iron.

Now days, Monterey Park is a second largest city in Los Angeles County to hold the highest number of Asian residents. It all started in the seventies, when well educated Asian Americans started to settle in Monterey Park. By eighties, the population of Asian Americans was at sixty percent and the city was now referred to as “The Chinese Beverly Hills”.

The high number of Asian population has greatly influences the city’s day to day life. The majority of businesses in the city are Asian and some don not even display English letters on their signs. The city hosts a few major Asian Parades including the Chinese New Year Celebration, which features carnival, parade, fireworks and culture specific rituals. The Chinese New Year Celebration is one of the most popular events in the city and highly attended by the residents, including Monterey Park Criminal Defense Lawyer, who likes to participate in all community events.

The Chinese New Year Celebration attracts a lot of tourists and residents of nearby cities, which is great for local businesses and overall city economy. However, the large numbers of outsiders reflects badly on city’s crime rate.

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Unfortunately, crime rate in Monterey Park is significantly higher than average national in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of any crime are one in forty seven, which makes the city’s crime rate higher then forty four percent of cities in California. Such unfortunate statistics provide plenty of experience to Monterey Park Criminal Defense Lawyer, which can be of advantage to the residents of the city. Monterey Park criminal defense lawyer is ready to help those who need day and night.