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Montebello is a family friendly and community oriented city in Los Angeles County. The city is a beautiful place to live in and offers wide variety of activities to its residents. Montebello has it all – plenty choices for outdoor activities, fun city life and all possible services one may require including the Montebello Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Montebello is a green city and has a lot of parks and recreation areas. One of the most popular among residents is Grant Rea Park. The Grant Rea Park has a lot to offer to the visitors including the Barnyard Zoo, train and pony rides, a Mary Go Around and Montebello Betting Cages.

The oldest park in the city is the Montebello City Park, which once was a quiet place with fishponds. The park has been modernized since then and now features state of the art skateboarding tracks. The Montebello City Park is a home to city’s Annual Skateboarding Tournament.

The oldest standing structure in the city of Montebello is located in The Sanchez Adobe Parks. The structure was once a home to Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe and was built in mid eighteen hundreds. Now days, the house is a historical landmark.

Montebello is a home to the Armenian Genocide Monument, located in the Bicknell Park. The monument is eight arches supported by seventy five feet tall white concrete columns and is the largest and oldest memorial dedicated to Armenian Genocide in the United States.

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The city night life is thriving in Montebello as well. The city has a lot of fine restaurants, bar and lounges to entertain its residents. Of course, the alcohol is served in all of them. Unfortunately, when there is alcohol there is trouble. Sadly, the crime rate in the city of Montebello is significantly higher than national average in United States. Such unfortunate statistics provide a lot of experience to Montebello Criminal Defense Lawyer, which is of benefit to the residents of the city. Montebello Criminal Defense Lawyer is always at the service.