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Maywood is a third smallest city in Los Angeles County. The city is just a little shy from being a one and a quarter square mile in area. Despite the small size of the city the population is rather high, making it close to twenty eight thousand people, nearly ninety eight percent of which are of Hispanic decent. This makes the city of Maywood second largest percentage of Latino residents and fifth on the high density cities list of Los Angele County.

The territory, which now is known as Maywood was once populated by Native American tribes. As time whet by, the territory switch a few owners and ended up being incorporated in early nineteen hundreds and kept the name of its last owner Miss May Wood. Maywood was once a prosperous city with assembly plants of such large companies as Chrysler Corporation and Ford Motor Company. However, as the Los Angeles County grew bigger the assembly plants moved elsewhere.

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With loss of assembly plants in late nineteen hundreds the city’s economy started to decline. By the year two thousand ten the city of Maywood became the first city in California to outsource all of its city services. Currently, the city only hosts commercial businesses among which is Maywood Criminal Defense Attorney. Maywood Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to provide experienced help to the residents.

Overall, Maywood is considered a safe city. The crime rate in Maywood is just about a national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of a crime in city of Maywood is one in sixty two, which makes city’s crime rate lower then seventy five percent of other communities in California. Statistically, property crimes are more popular in Maywood making it one in eighty four in comparison with violent crime statistics, which is one in two hundred and thirty nine.

Residents of Maywood know to turn to Maywood Criminal Defense Attorney for help when they are in trouble. Be it a DUI, assault, battery or any other criminal charges Maywood Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help.

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