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Manhattan Beach is small beach city in Los Angeles County. The city’s name was decided by the flip of a coin. In early nineteen hundreds the New York developer Stewart Merrill won a chance to name a city after a coin flip. Stewart Merrill gave a city the name Manhattan after his own home; later the “Beach” was appended at request of the Post Office to avoid confusion.

Manhattan Beach is primarily a beach community with all the activities oriented towards the Pacific Ocean. The city hosts many fun events. An annual Manhattan Beach Open a top professional beach volleyball tournament is one of them. The Manhattan Beach Open is a very popular event among residents of the city and the entire county. The event features not only professional volleyball players but also life music and food.

Manhattan Beach is a home to numerous county famous beach bars and ocean front restaurants. A lot of people come to Manhattan Beach to have a nice relaxing time and have a drink by the beach while watching a sunset. Unfortunately, where there is alcohol involved there is always trouble. However, the residents and guests of the city should not worry; Manhattan Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer is always at their service. Be it a DUI, assault or any other criminal charge Manhattan Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer is ready to offer his experienced help.

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Due to high rates of tourism, Manhattan Beach is not considered as a safe neighborhood. The crime rate in Manhattan Beach is significantly higher than national average in United States. The crime of choice, so to speak, is theft. The chances of becoming a victim of property crime, such as motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny or burglary in Manhattan Beach are one in forty one, which puts Manhattan Beach in forty one percent of unsafe cities in California. Such unfortunate statistics help Manhattan Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer get all possible experience in criminal defense, which is of benefit to his clients. Manhattan Criminal Defense Lawyer is always there to help.