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Malibu is a wealthy beach city in Los Angeles County. The area of the city was originally populated by Chumash Native Americans, who named the place “Humaliwo”, which translates to “the surf sounds loudly”. It is believed that the name Malibu derives from its Native American name.

The city of Malibu is twenty one mile stretch of beaches. Beaches are the main attraction and main feature of the city. Most Malibu residents live either on the beach or on the hills across the Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu offers a wide variety of outdoor as well as indoor fun activities. For instance, hiking trails with scenic views, waterfalls and little ponds, Malibu Village which is an open air plaza with numerous stores and restaurants and many others.

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The city of Malibu is a very popular destination among residents of Los Angeles County not only of its beaches but for the fine dining. Malibu features some of the most upscale beach restaurants and bars with stunning views of the ocean, such as Gladstone’s, Moon shadows, which features DJ music and dancing on the patio. It is rather easy to get carried away in an atmosphere of relaxing water sounds, music and alcohol. Unfortunately, this can lead to some major legal problems. Alcohol is known to impair judgment and heighten aggression, hence, it can lead to DUIs and aggravated assaults and battery. However, the residents and guests have nothing to worry about; Malibu Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help with any possible criminal charges.

Even though, the city of Malibu gives out a relaxed vibe, the crime rate is rather alarming. The crime rate in Malibu is significantly higher than national average in United States. The most popular crimes in the city of Malibu are thefts followed by burglaries. Overall, the chances of becoming a victim of any crime are one in thirty three, which puts Malibu in thirty three percent of unsafe cities in California.

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