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Lynwood is a nice community oriented city in Los Angeles County. The population of Lynwood consists of primarily Latinos, which greatly influences the city’s day to day living.

The Plaza Mexico is a great illustration of the Latino influence on the city. The Plaza Mexico is an open-air plaza decorated with ornate Spanish architecture that features a wide range of retail stores and dining options. The Plaza Mexico is one of the most favorite spots of the residents of the city of Lynwood.

The city of Lynwood is a family oriented community and offers plenty of outdoors activities to its residents. For instance, the city’s main community area is Lynwood Park. The park features wide variety of activities, including sports grounds and picnic areas. The Lynwood Park offers training in tennis, soccer, baseball and basketball for kids and adults. The park also offers fun and affordable summer and winter camp options for local kids.

A few annual events, including The Annual Neighborhood Picnic and Halloween Festival and Pumpkin Patch are also held in Lynwood Park. Lynwood is known to be a home to the founder of Taco Bell, Glen Bell and the first Taco Bell Restaurant in Los Angeles County. Among other notable residents of Lynwood are Kevin Costner, world known actor and Oscar-winning director, Suge Knight, a founder and CEO of Black Capital Records and Death Row Records, Venus Williams, a tennis champion and many others.

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Lynwood would be an overall best place to live in if it was not for its crime rate. Unfortunately, crime rate in Lynwood is significantly higher than national average. The chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Lynwood is one in thirty six, which makes the city’s crime rate higher than sixty four percent of cities in California. Such unfortunate statistics is something that Lynwood Criminal Defense Lawyer can show for his experience. Lynwood Criminal Defense Lawyer is always there to help fellow residents through legal turmoil.