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Long Beach is a fun, family oriented community. The city is located on a coast and has a wide variety of activities suitable for all tastes and ages. Long Beach is a home to a few of the world known landmarks and is very attractive to tourists.

Most of the Long Beach city’s attractions are located at the water sight. For instance, the city of Long Beach is a home to Queen Mary, a floating hotel aboard a retired ocean liner. The Queen Mary features several permanent and few temporary exhibits, a bar and restaurant. The Queen Mary hosts several annual events, such as the All American 4th of July with life music, games and fireworks at night, Bacon Fest, Summer Breeze Festival, Shoreline Jam, Japanese Classic Car Show, world’s famous Dark Harbor, which is a Halloween themed festival, CHILL the ice kingdom, featuring the ice sculptures, ice skating and ice tubing and many others. World’s famous luxurious New Year celebration is also an annual event hosted on Queen Mary, featuring classy dinner, drinks and dancing followed by fireworks.

Another main attraction is the Aquarium of the Pacific located just across the bay from Queen Mary. The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the largest indoor aquariums in United States featuring different habitats of underwater life.

The Aquarium Way is a nice long walkway around the bay with numerous restaurants and boat tours available. You can take a water tour of the bay or whale watching tour from here, or sit down and relax in one of the fine restaurants.

The city of Long Beach attracts thousands of tourists each year, which is good for the local businesses. However, the steady flow of outsiders reflects badly on city’s crime rate. Unfortunately, the crime rate in Long Beach is significantly higher than national average.

The residents have nothing to worry about. The Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney is always ready to help. Be it a DUI, assault or any other criminal charge, Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney is there day and night.