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Los Angeles lewd contact attorney – a lewd conduct offense could be considered a felony. If you or your loved ones were charged with lewd conduct, you may be facing imprisonment in state prison, expensive fines (up to $10 000) as well as obligatory registration as a sex offender. In order to avoid these severe penalties, you must not lose time and get in touch with an experienced Los Angeles lewd conduct lawyer at the earliest opportunity. He will gather all the evidence and will contest against the prosecution’s allegations.

Lewd Conduct Charges And Defense

The crime of lewd conduct may be related to child molestation, indecent exposure, child prostitution or child pornography. It happens when an individual solicits anyone to engage in sexual intercourse or lewd conduct in any location that is open for the public. In order to convict you for the crimes of lewd conduct, the prosecution will need to prove that all the elements of this offense are present beyond any reasonable doubts. These elements may include, but are not limited to: an individual knowingly and willfully touches his or her or someone else’s private body parts; the individual had intent to sexually gratify him or herself or any other person; the individual knew or had to know that an individual or a group of people could be offended with such conduct.

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The attorney’s ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the prosecution cannot prove all the elements beyond any reasonable doubts, so there is no reason to proceed with the case to begin with. Therefore, if you or your loved ones were accused of lewd conduct, it is crucial to hire a professional legal representative, who would have the experience, the skills and the expertise to help you avoid any unpleasant legal consequences.

After all, being registered as a sex offender may have a genuinely devastating effect on your day to day living – finding a job or renting a place will turn into a problem. People do not like to hire sex offenders and they do not want sex offenders to occupy their property. One way or the other, hiring a professional Los Angeles lewd contact attorney may help you quite a lot within the very least amount of time possible. If you were accused of a lewd conduct in Los Angeles, contact our experienced attorney from our law firm now!

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