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Lancaster is one of not many charted cities in the northern border of Los Angeles County, which means the city has its own government system that is defined by city’s own grant of authority rather than by state. This gives the city a certain level of flexibility to choose its own novel types of government structure.

Lancaster is a community oriented family friendly city with rich history. The Antelope Valley, the area where Lancaster is located, was originally populated with the Piute Indians. The origins of Lancaster as a settlement start with the Southern Pacific Railroad. The city is believed to be named after the Southern Pacific Railroad, which was using the name Lancaster at that time. In late eighteen hundred the city has greatly suffered from the decade long drought. However, in mid nineteen hundreds the city was brought back to life by aircraft companies.

Lancaster is a great community and a wonderful place to live. The city offers wide variety of activities to its residents. For instance, Willow Springs International Motorsports Park, the Grand Prix race circuit is a first in North America. Lancaster is famous as a first city to build musical road, which when driven over creates a tactile vibration that forms a musical tune. As a part of Master Plan of Trails and Bikeways, the city features numerous on and off road trails to accommodate all ages.

Lancaster is famous for its social events. California Poppy Festival is one of the biggest and well attended festivals in Southern California. California Poppy Festival brings a lot of people to Lancaster every year. This reflects both good and bad on the city. One of the advantages of having guests in the city is that they bring more business to the local stores and restaurants. However, there is a disadvantage here as well. Outsiders tend to raise overall crime rate of the city.

Unfortunately, people who come to Lancaster for good times, often have a little too much to drink. Alcohol is known to provoke bad judgment and a DUI or an assault is common consequence. For help in unpleasant situations there is Lancaster Criminal Defense Attorney. If you are facing criminal charges Lancaster Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help day and night.