Lakewood Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lakewood is a good example of classic post World War II American suburban city in Los Angeles County. D. J. Waldie, former resident of Lakewood, great writer and former Deputy City Manager of Lakewood, caroled Lakewood as a quiet, lovely town in his award winning memoir Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir.

Lakewood is a community oriented and family friendly city. The city has a wide variety of fun activities to offer ranging from outdoor fun to exiting night life.

Lakewood is a home to numerous parks and recitations featuring picnic areas, playgrounds, and basketball and tennis courts. For instance, Del Valle Park is a home to the city’s Annual Town Picnic and Fair. The Town Picnic is a fun family activity sponsored by the local businesses, featuring rides for kids, games, arts and crafts and tons of food. Lakewood Golf Course is a home to annual tournaments among members and very popular among Lakewood residents. Heartwell Park is a great place for family fun, featuring a fishing pond, soccer and baseball fields and a library with an outdoor reading room.

Seasoned Lakewood Criminal Defense Lawyer Representation in California

Night life in Lakewood is full of events as well. There are plenty of bars and lounges to choose from depending on your taste. There is a wide range of fine dining options featuring different cuisines and life entertainment. Of course, all this places offer alcohol. Unfortunately, when there is alcohol there is trouble. Alcohol is known for being able to impair judgment and heighten aggression, hence, provoke poor choices and fights. However, residents have a great attorney at a hands reach. Lakewood Criminal Defense Attorney is always there to help. Be it a DUI, assault or any other criminal charge Lakewood Criminal Defense Attorney readily extends his rich experience and helping hand.