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The majority of sextortion offences are usually committed according to the same plan that seems to be pretty straightforward and yet quite effective: trying to solicit a minor or an adult female via a social networking web site, while posing as someone else. Then gaining person’s trust, obtaining some private information or photos from her, and threaten to reveal the most intimate data in case she will not agree to the demands.

Sextortion is considered one of the most dangerous and alarming issue that is present on the internet. The internet offers complete anonymity, which give a huge advantage to any sextortion offender, who could always disappear into the online world, pose as another person or disguise with a stolen identity. Hence, it is only natural that individuals, who commit the crime of sextortion, are very hard to find as well as to punish. Furthermore, there is no actual federal invasion of privacy laws that could defend the victims of sextortion crimes.

When it comes to sextortion, the videos or private pictures of the victims generally end up on the online world. Placing these video or photo materials on the web might not be illegal, since these files could be deemed as one’s intellectual properties, with a few exceptions such as selfies. Besides, many pictures and videos were taken in accordance with the victim’s consent.

Fighting Against Sextortion Charges

Those photos and video files are much harder to deal with, since the administrators of the websites usually claim that they are not responsible for any content that was submitted by the users in line with the Communications Decency Act. This act prevents those web resources from being held responsible for any user-posted content materials.

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In case the state you reside in does not have any specified sextortion laws, do not be concerned, since there are other legal ways to deal with this issue. Get in touch with a qualified as well experienced attorney at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss your case in detail and to come up with a solid legal representation strategy. If you were arrested and charged with sextortion, contact our law offices now!

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