Illigal Downloading And Piracy

Illegal Downloading And Piracy

Online copyright infringement

Online piracy has developed into a serious issue for the law defenders all over the planet. In many countries there are special online crime units that concentrate their efforts on preventing as well as blocking any kind of intellectual property and identity theft. In addition, they set their priorities straight and are now focusing on punishing people, who willingly commit copyright infringement that includes internet piracy of:

  • Motion pictures, TV shows, video games, songs as well as other products and services that are copyright protected
  • Computer software and applications

Some time ago, special units were mostly dealing with entities that were facilitating unlawful piracy as well as file sharing. Nowadays, these units focus on people, who take active part in illegal distribution of digital property or piracy. File sharing resources are very common these days, particularly because of the torrent and P2P software. Since these applications are also very common, a lot of users believe that file sharing is a lawful activity.

Legal defense

Cases of online piracy as well as copyright infringement can be difficult to deal with for the accused party and for the prosecutors alike. To gain the conviction, the prosecution will have to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that your piracy actions were actually intentional as well as willful and you shared or downloaded the files yourself, personally that is. In case several individuals are using your PC, the government will have a hard time trying to prove that you were the one to blame.

Every case is different from the other and it is very important to have the knowledge about various tactics that the prosecution may use in order to prove your guilt.

Online Piracy Defense Consultation

In case you or your family member are under an active investigation or perhaps are already charged with online piracy or copyright infringement, timing is absolutely critical and it is very important to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced attorney at the earliest opportunity. The lawyer will review your case, tell you more about the legal punishment you are facing and explain the available defense strategies. Benefit from the initial consultation and discover ways to get out of the tricky legal situation with minimal damage. A professional lawyer will provide you with adequate information and great legal advice that can be used in the court of law. If you need a professional Los Angeles internet piracy attorney, you should contact our law firm now!

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