Internet Fraud

Definition of Internet Fraud

The internet fraud crime is a serious offense, which may lead to incarceration and time in jail. Sadly, the vast majorities of internet fraud professionals use computers anonymously and plan every single step meticulously as well as with thorough sophistication. Hence, there is always a chance that the authorities may arrest the wrong person, who is absolutely innocent of the crime and will lose the real criminal in the process. Furthermore, most lawyers are not experienced enough in this type of cases and do not have the knowledge to represent the individual, who was accused of the internet fraud crime. People, who were accused of internet fraud, will need to hire reliable computer crime defense lawyers in order to get the desired results.

The crime of internet fraud can largely be defined as a kind of scam that takes place when some individual uses other person’s private identifying data, such as a Social Security number, a name, credit or debit card number as well as any other monetary information, without consent in order to commit a crime.

State Statutes For Internet Fraud

Every state across the nation has at the very least one legal statute that regulates impersonation, identity theft or any other type of internet fraud. Some states (29 of them, Guam as well as the District of Columbia all have certain restitution provisions for identity theft). Some states – namely Tennessee, Iowa and Kentucky have certain forfeiture provisions for identity theft crimes. Virginia, Oklahoma, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Mississippi, Maryland, Iowa, Delaware and Arkansas (11 states) have managed to develop certain identity theft passport programs that are meant to assist the victims in case of continuing identity theft.

With that said, if you were accuse of internet fraud, it is very important not to lose time and to get in touch with a qualified as well experienced internet crime attorney. As you can see, at times, the authorities cannot track down the actual criminals and arrest the wrong people by mistake. In order to get out of such unpleasant situation with minimal damage, you will have to come up with a solid defense strategy that would prove your innocence and would allow your attorney to have the case dismissed. A professional lawyer is the very best option in such complicated circumstances and it is important to hire him at the earliest opportunity. If you were accused of internet fraud, call our law firm now! 

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