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Inglewood is a historically rich, community oriented city in Los Angeles County. It pre-American history dates back to eight hundred B.C. The area was known through the years due to the natural springs in what now known as Centinela Park. In early nineteen hundreds the city acquired a bad fame due to the activity of Ku Klux Klan in the area. However, later, starting in nineteen seventies, African-American population in Inglewood was predominant.

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Now days, Inglewood almost equally populated by African-Americans and Latinos. Often enough, such mixture cause trouble. Unfortunately, Latinos and African-Americans are known to conflict with each other, which often leads to ruthless fights. Of course, police gets involved and someone ends up in jail facing criminal charges. In such situation, the residents of Inglewood know to turn to Inglewood Criminal Defense Lawyer for help. Inglewood Criminal Defense Lawyer is always there and knows all the specifics of such cases.

Unfortunately, such rivalry reflects badly on city’s criminal rate. Inglewood’s crime rate is significantly higher than the national average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of either property or violent crime in city of Inglewood are one in thirty two. Such statistics mean that city of Inglewood has a crime rate that is considerably higher than in seventy three percent of cities in California.

However, if you decide to look closely, the chances of becoming a victim of a property crime is much higher than violent. This means that one’s chance of his car being stolen in Inglewood is one in a forty one, in comparison, becoming a victim of, say, armed robbery is one in one hundred and forty seven.

Such unfortunate statistics bring a lot of hand on experience to Inglewood Criminal Defense Lawyer. Residents of city of Inglewood know and respect Inglewood Criminal Defense Lawyer and turn to him for help when they need.

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