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identity theftLos Angeles identity theft lawyer – the identity theft offense is classified as the usage of an individual’s private identifying data without the individual’s permission. During the past decade, the number identity theft cases that took place all over the nation reached truly dramatic proportions. Now days, in an age of progressive technologies and innovative solutions, identity theft have turned into a genuinely profitable crime. According to the official statistical data, identity theft affects millions of Americans every year and leads to significant monetary losses.

Identifying information may imply the following data:

  • An individual’s name, date of birth, government issued ID or social security number.
  • One of a kind bio metric information, including fingerprints, retina or iris images and voice prints.
  • One of a kind electronic ID numbers, which may include account numbers, routing codes and addresses.
  • Special access devices or telecommunication identifying data. Codes, accounts, cards, serial numbers as well as any other telecommunication identifying info that was used in order to get products or services.

Identity theft charges may be classified and punished as follows:

  • If the number of items that were used, transferred, possessed or obtained is less than five – state felony
  • If the number of items that were used, transferred, possessed or obtained is five or more, but less than 10 – felony of the third degree.
  • If the number of items that were used, transferred, possessed or obtained is 10 or more, but less than 50 – felony of the second degree.
  • If the number of items that were used transferred, possessed or obtained is 50 or more – felony of the first degree.

Due to the fact that the number of identity theft cases is constantly growing, it is only natural that the legal punishment for this crime is very harsh. Even though the penalties largely depend on a large number of circumstances, the overall punishment may result in expensive fines and even incarceration up to life in the correctional facility. Although life sentences are very rare, it is not entirely impossible to spend the rest of your life in jail for an identity theft crime. Our Los Angeles identity theft lawyers offer professional help for those who were accused of identity theft offences. If you were accused of an identity theft crime in Los Angeles, contact our law offices today.

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