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What Exactly Considered To Be a Hit And Run Crime In Los Angeles, CA?

Hit and RunA hit and run crime is when one of the parties involved in an accident fails to stop and exchange the information with other party. In our society, getting into a vehicle accident is not such a big deal if you follow all the proper steps such as stopping, exchanging insurance information and taking photos if needed. However, there are different types of situation when a person can be involved in a hit and run accident. One of the common reasons is being drunk and hitting another car because of it. And if caught in an accident being drunk, then felony charges might arise. This is why a drunk driver takes a chance to get away from the crime scene as soon as possible. Hit and run also might happen due to a fear and making a wrong decision because of the stress.

Only a skilled Los Angeles hit and run attorney will find a way to prove that being stressed out is natural and being under affect of natural cause is not a crime. A hit and run is also defined as not only being involved in a certain car accident but also with a pedestrian, motorcycle or a fixed object. In some cases hitting an animal without a stop considered to be hit and run as well. In most situations it will not even matter if you caused the accident or it was due to other driver. Any person who was involved in a hit and run in Los Angeles will be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Contact our hit and run legal specialist to discuss your case at (855) 858-2755.

What Are The Main Differences Between Felony And Misdemeanor Hit And Run Offenses?

There are two major differences to be considered when it comes to vehicle collisions and hit and run. Being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony hit and run are very different in the nature. The felony hit and run will most commonly cause death, injury or perhaps a property damage beyond a certain threshold. When the damage is to another vehicle or another property, perhaps a fence or a house, it will be considered as a misdemeanor. Once involved in a hit and run and not calling for help of a good attorney, one might face up to six months in county jail.

A Los Angeles hit and run will be considered as a felony if the damage caused injury or death to a person involved. Anyone who didn’t stop to offer the first medical attention and providing all necessary contact information, will be charged with a hit and run. Getting enough information about various situations and calling skilled and aggressive Los Angeles hit and run lawyer to handle your case is certainly the best answer for avoiding any additional complications and letting you endure a minimum penalty.

Which Category Of Hit And Run Do I Fall Under?

Misdemeanor hit and run is usually when another’s property was damaged in an accident.
Felony hit and run applies to the amount of damage inflicted and the injuries.
DUI hit and run is when the alcohol found in the blood of the hit and run suspect.

Is It Possible To Be Sentenced To Jail Time For A Hit And Run Crime?

Hit and run is a serious crime and is punishable with up to 6 months in jail plus fines if no injury or death was involved. However if hit and run causes severe bodily injury or death to another individual, serious property damage, or striking a police car or police officer, it is a serious criminal offense. A felony hit and run charges result in stricter consequences, as long sentence in state or federal prison and really high fines. There are various degrees of felony hit and run charges as well. There are some jurisdictions that categorize hit and run charges into different degrees, the one that results in a minor injury and those that result into someone’s death.

Once the type of distinction can result into different sentencing for the defendant, opting for the right attorney can oftentimes be enough when it comes to protecting your legal rights and freedom. If you are faced with a Los Angeles hit and run charge, you should contact an experienced Los Angeles hit and run lawyer immediately at (855) 858-2755 and choose a proper defense tactics. Our criminal specialists know lots of Helpful Resources that can help in starting setup your case the proper way.

Why Is It Necessary To Hire An Expert Los Angeles Hit And Run Lawyer To Avoid Jail?

Great Advice To Follow From Los Angeles Hit And Run Attorney Specialist:

If you are facing hit and run charges, first thing you should consider talking to skilled Los Angeles hit and run attorneys in order to avoid jail and any additional severe penalties. This is oftentimes a really serious charge, because it can jail time and all sorts of legal issues involved. Normally a hit and run charge will depend on the severity of the damage you caused, so in most situations there is no better way than talking to a good criminal defense attorney and getting the best possible assistance. Prior to talking to the police or anyone else, consider contacting a lawyer that will help you learn every single detail about the case and the following procedure. If you couldn’t avoid the collision and got charged with a hit and run case, don’t discuss with anyone before contacting and speaking to experienced Los Angeles hit and run lawyers.

Everything that you said might be used against you on the trial. So it is essential not to talk to insurance adjusters, other party lawyers, police detectives and any other agency that might be involved in. Our Los Angeles hit and run specialists are taking care of everything for their clients. What you should also know is that there are certain insurance companies that refuse any automotive coverage for those who were accused of a hit and run crimes. This is why it is very important to lessen the Los Angeles hit and run charge to some infraction or even try to dismiss the charge completely due to other circumstances that helped causing the offense.

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So, the very first thing on your list should be calling professional Los Angeles hit and run attorneys and try to avoid any severe penalties or in some cases even jail time. It is crucial to start working on your case as soon as possible, because choosing the right Los Angeles hit and run lawyer will solve the issue easier without any possible future complications. For more information about our criminal law firm click here or call (855) 858-2755.