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Hermosa Beach is one of the three beach cities in Los Angeles County. The city is rather small – fifteen block from east to west and forty blocks from north to south. The city is famous for its soft climate and clean air. The sea breeze lessens the high summer time temperatures, help keeping it at average comfortable seventy degrees, and helps keep the smog away from the area all year long.

The soft climate, the beach, the ocean make the city of Hermosa Beach a perfect place to live in. All the activities in Hermosa Beach are either involve water or located near the water, which makes it a true beach town. The Hermosa Beach Pier, located at the end of the Pier Avenue, is a main attraction and main community’s shopping, eating and partying area. Some of the most legendary bars located on Hermosa Beach Pier. However, you should be careful, because when there is alcohol involved there is trouble. In case you found yourself in need of help, do not hesitate to contact Hermosa Beach Criminal Defense Attorney.

Hermosa Beach is home to many festivals, for example, Fiesta Hermosa, AVP Hermosa Beach Open, Hermosa Beach Film Festival, International Surf Festival and Hermosa Beach Concert series just to name a few. There is always something going on in the city, which makes it attractive to tourists.

High numbers of outsiders is beneficial to the city’s businesses, however it reflects badly on the city’s crime rate. Unfortunately, the crime rate in Hermosa Beach is considerably higher than the national average. The chances of becoming a victim of either a property or violent crime are one in thirty four, which makes it higher than sixty eight percent of the cities in California.

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