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The city of Hawthorn is known for being a childhood home of The Beach Boys, who had an entire album named after the city. The city has built a monument to commemorate this fact, which became a main attraction to The Beach Boys fans.

Hawthorne is a great city to live in. Being a community and family oriented city, Hawthorne offers a wide variety of activities for its residents. The city has a lot of great parks for picnic and family fun, such as Holly Glen Park, Glasgow Park and Del Aire Public Fruit Park, which is actually a small orchard with peaches, plums and grapevines and often hosts fruit jam making events and tree planting days.

For the art lovers, the city features a combination art gallery and bronze foundry Mc3. The gallery supports local artists with access to specialized bronzing equipment and is known to be a home for many reputable sculptors.

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Night life is blooming in Hawthorn as well. The city has some of the most popular bars and lounges in the area, such as The Greatest Cocktails, Mikes Bar and Coach’s Corner Bar and Grill. Often enough some turmoil happens in the area near these bars. When there is alcohol involved, there is trouble. Of course, DUI is the most popular crime that involves alcohol, however, bar fights is crimes as well. For those, who could not control themselves and had a little too much fun there is Hawthorne Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Unfortunately, the crime rate in Hawthorn is considerably higher than seventy six percent of California cities and towns, which makes the overall crime rate in Hawthorne significantly higher than national average. The chances of becoming a victim in either property or violent crime are one in thirty.

If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation of being presented with criminal charges, be it a DUI, assault, theft or any other criminal charges; do not hesitate to contact Hawthorn Criminal Defense Lawyer.