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Hawaiian Gardens is a smallest city in Los Angeles County. Interestingly enough, the city got its name back in early nineteen hundreds from a refreshment stand that was decorated with palm branches and bamboo. This refreshment stand was the area’s main landmark and its name staid while a small town grew up around it.

The main attraction of the city is Hawaiian Gardens Casino. The Casino is both the city’s largest employer and entertainment. Hawaiian Gardens is a small town, so there is not that much to do, so the Casino is the most popular activity inside the city.

Hawaiian Gardens Casino is both good and bad for the city. The Casino brings more than nine million dollars of the city’s revenue and provides jobs to more than a thousand residents, which is good. However, the Hawaiian Gardens Casino attracts a lot of visitors from outside of the city, which is again both good and bad; good for the city’s business and bad for the city’s overall safety. Visitors, who come to the casino, come to have fun, drink and gamble. When there is drinking, there is trouble.

The overall criminal rate in the city of Hawaiian Gardens is near the national average. The chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in fifty four, which makes Hawaiian Gardens’ crime rate lower then approximately sixty five percent of cities in California.

If you examine the crime rates farther you could see, that the majority of crimes are either influenced or involve alcohol. For instance, the most popular crimes in Hawaiian Gardens are thefts, robberies and assault, which can easily happen after a fun drinking night at the casino. One can easily become a victim of a theft or robbery if he is drunk and not paying attention to his surroundings. Assault can easily be caused by alcohol as well, since alcohol is known to elevate aggression.

If you found yourself in an unfortunate situation and being presented with criminal charges after a fun night at Hawaiian Gardens, do not hesitate to call Hawaiian Criminal Defense Lawyer.