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Glendora is a wonderful city to live in. Glendora has one of the best school systems in Los Angeles County and a home to a number of large employers. The quality of living in Glendora varies from area to area. The residences range from bungalows, to ranch style homes, to multi-story buildings, to grand mansions. For instance, Glendora’s most expensive area contains secluded estate homes with stunning views of San Gabriel Valley or Downtown Los Angeles.

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Same as the quality of life varies in the city of Glendora, the crime rate ranges from very safe neighborhoods with a very low crime rate, such as East Sierra Madre Avenue/ East Northridge Ave and Glendora Mountain Road/ North Valley Center Avenue, to very high crime rate in neighborhoods, such as East Route 66/ South Elwood Avenue. The residents know to stay away from the highly criminal areas of the city and Glendora Criminal Defense Attorney knows that’s where the majority of business comes from.

The overall crime rate in Glendora is considerably higher than the national average. The chances of becoming a victim of violent or property crime in Glendora is one in thirty six, which is significantly higher than sixty four percent of California’s cities and towns. However, the crime of choice in Glendora is non-violent. The most popular crime in the city is thefts. In fact the chances of becoming a victim of a property crime, such as theft, vehicle theft, larceny, arson or burglary is one in thirty eight, in comparison to becoming a victim of a violent crime, such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder are one in a seven hundred and eight.

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