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Gardena is nice and quiet city in Los Angeles County. The city was named Gardena, which means garden, for its green, oasis like appearance. For many years the city was known for its berry fields and everyone would make sure to attend the annual Strawberry Day Festival and Parade. However, the berry industry has suffered greatly during World War I.

Gardena is a community and family oriented city that offers great variety of activities to its residents. The city offers plenty of outdoor fun, such as park and picnic areas. The South Garden Park is one of the biggest recitation parks in Gardena featuring wonderful green land for picnics, playground for kids and a basketball court. The South Garden Park is not the only resident’s favorite outdoor spot, there are also a Rowley Park, Bell Park and Thornburg Park just to name a few. Even though, the Chester Washington Golf Course is not technically a part of Gardena, it is located just outside of the city’s border and highly popular among Gardena’s residents.

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Gardena is a home to Hustler Casino, which holds the world’s biggest seven card game. Hustler Casino attracts a lot of visitors to the city of Gardena, which is good for local businesses. However, the high number of outsiders looking for fun night of drinking and gambling reflects badly on the city’s criminal rate. Unfortunately, when there is alcohol involved, there is always trouble. Often enough, alcohol elevates people’s emotions and lowers self control. This, almost always, causes negative outburst in drunken fights, violence and more often drunk driving accidents.

If you are unfortunate enough to get in trouble with law after a fun night out, do not hesitate to turn to Gardena Criminal Defense Attorney at your earliest convenience. The Gardena Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help day and night.

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