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first DUIDriving under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive substances is considered to be a major crime – one that is punishable by law. Nevertheless, even though getting behind the wheel under the influence creates a threat not only to the driver, but to his passengers and all the other drivers around, hundreds of thousands of people are arrested for DUI offense on a year to year basis. The statistics in California alone are quite overwhelming indeed. This is one of the many reasons why state’s officials are doing their very best in order to make the drivers not want to get behind the wheel after drinking or under the influence of drugs.

DUI First Offense And Its Consequences In The State Of California

If you are a first time DUI offender, you will have to face the court in order for the judge and the jury to determine the proper punishment. Yet, once the prosecution will be able to determine that you are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, legal actions will start right away, producing a chain of consequential events. Furthermore, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) will suspend your driver’s license right after your arrest. Sure enough, you can always challenge this legal action and you will have a right to do so by submitting an official request demanding an administrative hearing within ten days after your arrest took place.

Administrative penalties are not the only ones that you should be worried about. DUI offenders also risk facing criminal punishment in the state of California. The punishment depends on the circumstances of one’s arrests. Depending on those circumstances, first-time DUI offenders will be obliged to either pay fines (up to $1000), spend six months in jail, have their license suspended for additional four months as well as spend certain time on probation. Besides, a first time DUI offender will also be obliged to complete special lengthy alcohol awareness courses as well as to obtain a specific SR22 insurance that is designed specifically for the DUI offenders.

Yet, you cannot be punished for driving under the influence unless the prosecution determines three things for certain:

– The law enforcement officer had the right to arrest you in the first place due to a probable cause. For instance, you were ignoring traffic lights or speeding.
– Your BAC (blood alcohol content) was illegal in accordance with the test or you refused to take the test to begin with.
– The arrest itself was lawful.

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If the prosecution is not entirely certain in these three things, your case will be dismissed. In order to have such results within the least amount of time possible, you will need to hire a qualified Los Angeles first DUI defense attorney, who will have enough experience to come up with an individual defense strategy in accordance with your case. DUI cases need to be handled by professional Los Angeles first DUI defense lawyers. If it is your first DUI offense, contact our law firm now!

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