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Information you need to know if you are under federal investigation

Once you have learned that you are being investigated by FBI, DEA or any other federal bureau, first thing to do is to turn to a Los Angeles federal attorney. To clarify, you should carefully research your potential attorney.  It is important to make sure your attorney you are hiring has enough experience and has previously not only dealt with such cases, but has a solid list of successful outcomes.

Being investigated and convicted for a federal crime will change your life drastically. For instance, it can also affect your personal relationship. Not to mention extensive prison time in federal prison. It is important for you to understand the advantages of a good Los Angeles federal criminal defense lawyer by your side. In fact, our Los Angeles federal lawyer is exactly a person you need by your side. Not only does our attorney has years of experience and numerous positive outcomes in such cases, but he is also extremely knowledgeable in the field.

Having our federal lawyer by your side will significantly help your case. As a matter of fact, hiring our federal attorney on early stages of your investigation will help you to deal with your case in a best possible manner. It will also help you to avoid jail, depending on the details of your case.

Federal Case Process In Los Angeles

First, your case will go through the investigative phase. At this time, federal agents will work on collecting the evidence against you. They will collect all necessary information to convict you. Such as conducting surveillance, gather witness testimonies, obtaining search warrants and searching your home. In other words, they will do everything that is possible to support prosecution.

Once the enough evidence against you is collected, your case will be transferred to the United States Attorney’s office. In a due time, your case will be reviewed and either sent back for more investigation or filed in court. Then, the warrant for your arrest will be issued. However, if you already have an attorney, your case will first be discussed with him. Thus, having a good Los Angeles federal attorney by your side will help you to illuminate additional stress.

When your case will be filled in court, you will be ordered to appear before the judge. At this point, you will be formally presented with charges against you. The judge will decide if you should be detained in custody while your case is in trail or released on conditions. Once an issue of your freedom is addressed, the judge will set a status conference date. At this conference, the judge will get a chance for a better look at your case and will set a trial date.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor and our federal lawyer will decide whether or not your case is possible to negotiate. The prosecutor will offer a plea deal and you will have to decide your next step. As soon as you decide your next step, your case will either go through jury trial or set for sentencing.

Defense Against Federal Crimes

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Call us for immediate protection if you were charged with a money laundering offense.
You will need help from a criminal expert if you were convicted of credit card fraud offense.

Put A Former District Attorney To Work On Your Side

Federal Criminal DefenseThe above information is rather general. Thus, a free consultation with our attorney is strongly recommended. That is why we offer free consultation to our clients. At this consultation we will review your case and present you with our best defense strategy.

Federal investigation and the process can be very confusing and difficult to understand if you do not have enough experience in the field. Thus, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side. Our Los Angeles federal attorney should be your first choice.

Not only our lawyer has extensive experience with local court system, but also has a solid list of positive outcomes. We do not expect you to take our word for it, but encourage you to do your thorough research. We let our reputation and positive testimonials to speak for us.

In conclusion, Our Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney is determined to help you through this difficult process. We strive to get you out of this situation with as less loss to you and your life as possible. To schedule your free consultation, call (855) 858-2755 or contact us using contact form.